What Message Do We Want To Send To The Next Generation About Proper Exercise?

By: Gen Wright

We hear a lot about the health benefits of exercise. They have been spouted about for years but it seems to be taking a long time to filter down to the majority of people. Experts keep telling us that a proper exercise program that works our muscular system needs to be a priority in the 21st Century yet many people view it as some sort of optional extra or a luxury or something we do when we 'have time' left over from our other more important life activities.

But the latest update is that there really is no valid reason to avoid exercise especially as we get more candles on our birthday cake. Getting older has a whole new meaning and proper exercise is a big part of it if we wish to remain well, healthy and functional and keep all of our moving parts moving.

We used to believe that once you got older you need to slow down and take it easy and not risk hurting yourself. Lucky not everyone believes this and more and more people are catching on that proper exercise to keep ones muscular strength is necessary throughout adult life. Our modern day life simply does not provide enough of it anymore.

Your exercise program should be made up of mostly strength training exercise as it can slow and even reverse many of the physical changes that occur as we get older. For starters the body's engine (our metabolism) slows which means we burn less fuel (calories) so they tend to get stored as excess body fat spoiling our appearance and exposing us to health risks.

Muscle tissue is lost at the rate of one half pound per year up to age 50 then this rate doubles. Without muscle building and maintaining activity the bones the muscles are attached to get weaker and thinner as well. It is only the pulling of strong muscles that keeps the bones strong. As they weaken the debilitating disease osteoporosis sets in.

These are the three main bio-markers of the aging process and all three of them can be addressed and improved. Even years of lost strength can be recovered within 6-12 months of regular strength training exercise. The added strength helps with everyday tasks and activities, conquers excess fat and keeps every system in the body strong and resilient. This includes the immune system which when strengthened offers disease protection.

So, simply working your muscles 2-3 times a week with the right program preferably set up and monitored by a fitness professional gives so much in return for so little time and effort. Think strong muscles, strong bones and less flabby fat. These three ingredients can help you live a strong healthy life no matter your age.

This of course is the opposite of living a life without enough proper exercise as those six out of ten adults in today's world. We need to take some responsibility for our own health and take it on board that we cannot be healthy without exercise and change our attitudes about it. It is important as what message do we want to send to the generation following in our footsteps?

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