What Kind Of Dietary Needs Do Your Quests Have?

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The summer sun is approaching fast, and what can mark the season better then a little backyard barbecue? At this time of year, the perfect summer party is on everybody’s mind, but, as with any other plan, problems can arise. There are, however, a few sure-fire ways to have a great time around the BBQ this summer. The key to having a great BBQ harkens back to the Boy Scout motto: be prepared. Anything can happen on a summer day or night. That’s just one reason a barbecue can be an exciting pastime. Having a successful event depends on planning for every contingency. What happens if it rains? What kind of dietary needs do your quests have? Are there any vegetarians, children or handicapped individuals attending the event? For more results visit us at www.150-venison-recipes.com. Charcoal or Gas grill? What about bugs? The questions abound. Fortunately, so do the answers. There are items available that address any contingency to ensure that your summer BBQ is a success.

The first thing to decide is who you will be inviting. Is the event for you and some friends? Is it a family event? Will it be a birthday party for a child? Finding answers to these questions will help you prepare. If you are inviting entire families, or have young children attending, you will need to plan accordingly. Make the cookout an afternoon event as the little tykes are unlikely to last much later then seven or eight o’clock in the evening. Be sure to have age appropriate toys and games as well. If the BBQ will be only attended by adults and parents then scheduling is not as set in stone.

When you are in the process of compiling a list of guests, make sure to ask if anyone has dietary restrictions. You don’t want to create a party tray including peanuts only to find out that a friend of a friend that you invited is badly allergic. If any of your guests are diabetic you should be prepared with sugar free snacks and desserts. When these factors are taken into account you can set a time of day, and start working on the menu.

There are many items that are time specific. If you are going to be having the party in the day be sure to have plenty of cold water. Lying out in the summer sun, playing sports and drinking alcohol can lead to dehydration quickly. Alcohol, sugar and caffeine all have a dehydrating affect, and because of this water is essential to have available.

Another item to keep in mind is a means to provide shade. If your yard does not have enough natural shade, then some sort of umbrella or awning will provide relief from the sweltering sun. Also, if you do not have a pool try setting up a sprinkler and hose, maybe some water guns to keep the kids busy and cool.

Nighttime offers its own set of challenges. The two greatest factors to overcome are insects and darkness. Citrus candles or torches that use citronella oil can solve both of these problems. Japanese lanterns are also a popular solution to lighting problems. If kids are involved, it’s always a good idea to have plenty of activities available. Whether it is some indoor games or even some music for dancing, there should be plenty of activities to keep the kids happy and occupied.

Once the guest list is completed, and the start time is set, the next thing to figure out is the menu. While the usual fares of hot dogs, burgers, chicken are more then welcome, any attempt to offer something unique to eat will help make your event stand out from the rest. Try making some simple, fun desserts such as pudding to keep the kids in good spirits. Fruit and vegetable platters can keep everybody happy while they wait for their main entree. You can also login on to www.classic-dessert-collection.com. Have some fun with the food selection. Experiment with homemade dips.

More important than anything else, find something that you can make that is a sort of specialty. It could be a marinade, a way to stuff a burger, a side-dish or a dessert, having that one special item that stands out as your own famous recipe will keep people happy and full summer after summer.

Once the menu is set, pin down what type of grill you will use. Overall, gas grills are much more convenient. They cook faster, and are generally larger. However, many barbeque enthusiasts use charcoal. The slow cooking often gives a better and juicier flavor to the foods being grilled. If your party is relatively small, and can handle the time necessary to get the charcoal heated, it can make for some very good food. Though, if one is hosting a large scale event that requires a high output of meats a gas grill is recommendable.

The guests, the activities, the menu and the grill are all planned out. What could go wrong? When dealing with spring and summer weather, anything is possible. It is a good idea to get an awning over the grill so that you can still prepare the food properly just in case it rains. A barbecue is not inherently ruined if it rains; you just have to be more creative, and, with a little preparation, your summer BBQ will be one to remember.

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