What Is the Usage of the Restart Option of Enigma?

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There is an option in the turning off interface of the Enigma OS for Dreambox: Restart Enigma. What is the usage of this option? Here the passage will give you some information about this function.

Before we get to use this function, we should know how to use the restart function properly. In order to know the exact function of this option, we can explore it from the status which the user of Dreambox has to use this function.

1.#Make sure to start the CCcam plug in. There may be error information of Camd ID didnt find when Dreambox is just turning on. This is because the machine starts the common interface instead of CCcam plug in. Its impossible to watch encrypted program under this condition. If you want to fix this problem, you have to push the blue button on remote controller to interchange the Common Interface and CCcam 2.0 and then restart the machine using the green button. If you want the CCcam work well since next time you turn on the machine, you can use the restart Enigma option to fix it.
2.#Assure the output of audio and video. Some of the channels on satellite may use the bilingual output. If we just use the audio interface to alter the audio output, the machine will remember your option. So we have to use the option of restart Enigma when we make such alternation.
3.#Assure the channels on Dreambox wont be modified. If we want a channel to appear every time when we turn on Dreambox, we should choose the option of restart Enigma under the channel you want.
4.#Assure the stable of the volume of the sound when Dreambox is turned on. You should modify the volume of the sound to a proper status under the opening channel and then use the function of restart Enigma in order to stabilize the volume.
5.#Make sure the common settings wont be changed. Restart Enigma when we alter the settings in the common settings interface will help us save the alternations.
6.#Assure the channels which deleted by hand will not come up again. If you delete a channel by hand in the channel menu, you have to use restart enigma to make sure the deleted channel will not appear again.
7.#Make sure the plug in works well. If you install something onto Dreambox, you have to use this function to make it work well.

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