What Is the Unique Phenomenon in Chinese Literature History

By: Sylvia

Every country has its literature in its history. In my opinion, literature is similar. However, every country has its special culture, so its literature has certain features that are unique in the world. In Chinese literature there is one branch that is unique. That is martial arts fiction.
Chinese people have a preference for martial arts fictions. Maybe this is because Chinese people value much on martial arts since ancient time. In China there are many martial arts fiction writers. Among them the most famous writers are Jin Yong and Gu Long.
Martial arts fictions are usually about people who are specialized in martial arts. These people are physically stronger than normal people. They treat with others according to their feeling. They are endowed with different characteristics by the writers. For these years many martial arts fiction fans have been arguing that who is the best writer in this field. In my opinion, the well-known two best writers are both very good, but they wrote from different perspectives.
Jin’s fictions are written on the basis of human society. His characteristics value much on human society. His most famous leading characteristics are patriotic and sympathetic. For instance, Guo Jing guards Xiangyang city against Mongolian army until death. Xiao Feng sacrifices his life for the peace between Song dynasty and Qidan dynasty. These two characteristics are considered as heroes by the readers. So people generally think that Jin is deeply influenced by traditional Chinese philosophy, especially by Confucianism. This point can be easily pointed out from his novels.
Compared with Jin, Gu is much more influenced by western philosophy. His characteristics explore into human nature. Most of his characteristics suffer a lot in their life. They are not understood by the people. They roam about in the world. However, whatever they suffer, they never loose the hope for life and the world. The most famous characteristics written by him are Li Xunhuan, Lu Xiaofeng and so on. They despise the so-called social morality. But they really love their friends and the people. They respect human beings and love life very much. They are strong enough to bare all misfortunes in their life.
Personally I love Gu’s fictions more than Jing’s. Although Jing’s fictions are better structured, I think there is more humanity in Gu’s novels. Anyway, they are both loved by martial arts fiction fans. Their fictions are also regarded as classics by the fans. I hope more people will love these fictions in the future.

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