What Is the Cookie Diet Plan Anyway?

By: Tyler Tefit

The biggest challenge faced by people when trying to lose weight is because there food intake is reduced they may feel much hungrier than normal. However, the Cookie Diet plan which as devised in 1975 by Dr Siegel does help to provide a solution to this particular problem. Although you are required to eat cookies the diet works in such a way that weight loss can still be achieved.

The cookies specially formulated by Dr Siegel that you eat help to stave off hunger when dieting and exercising. Certainly when you use exercise in your weight loss plans sometimes people may find themselves eating more after they have exercised. This is because the muscles used when we exercise will tell the brain that they need more energy (food) so that they can recover. But as the Cookie diet plan helps to eliminate these feelings the person trying to lose control is more able to control their eating habits.

But you don't just eat cookies with this diet in order to lose weight. The Cookie diet requires you to restrict your calorie intake to just 800 each day and therefore it is only one that you can use when supervised by a doctor or other medical professional and can be undertaken for some considerable time. Those who use the Cookie Diet will first off undergo a complete medical checkup first, that both looks into the medical history and requires some lab work to be carried out. As this diet restricts the calorie intake regular visits need to be made to the doctor for both the person to be weighed and discuss how the diet is progressing.

With this particular diet the emphasis is placed on suppressing a person's appetite and this is what the cookies are used for. These particular cookies are baked specifically for Dr Siegel's clinics and are low in the Gylcemic index products like whole meal flour and oatmeal. Instead they contain an amino acid mixture which is what helps to suppress the dieter's appetite.

Whilst on this particular diet when a person feels hungry during the day they need to eat six of the cookies instead of their usual meals. Then in the evening they will be required to eat one meal that consists of lean meat or another source of food that contains protein along with one cup of vegetables.

So what happens if you start to feel hungry again? Remember this diet does restrict your calorie intake and many people who have been on it for a few days find that they have difficulty controlling their hunger feelings. So to help further prevent this occurring around 60% of all people who use the Cookie diet will also be prescribed another kind of appetite suppressant.

There are many problems associated with diets where the calorie intake is severely restricted such as this one. One of the problems faced with such a restricted diet is that you are unlikely to be getting the required amounts of vitamins and minerals that your body needs each day. However, to help counteract this problem Dr Siegel recommends that supplements are used and even if the diet is stuck with for several months it doesn't cause any ill effects in those on it.

When it comes to the Cookie Diet plan Dr Siegel estimates that around three quarters of all the patients who use it will lose 15lbs each month. Plus it is because they lose the weight more quickly compared to other diets this helps them psychologically and they can stay on track much better when trying to lose weight.

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