What Is Fat All About?

By: Bryan Ashbaugh

In Toronto, liposuction is considered one of many ways to model the body. Technically, it's a cosmetic surgery procedure known as lipoplasty. While lipoplasty comes in many forms, two of the more popular methods are tumescent liposuction and laser liposuction. Either involves the use of a general or local anesthetic.

Put simply, liposuction achieves this modeling by removing a certain amount of fat from key areas of the body. Usually, these areas have been pinpointed by the cosmetic surgeon, after a discussion with the client.

Suitability For the Procedure
There are many conditions that must be met before someone can be considered suitable for liposuction. This mainly has to do with the general health of the individual.

As well, many clinics in Toronto also consider factors such as smoking, certain kinds of medication - namely anti-coagulants - and alcohol consumption. These particular factors tend to inhibit the body's ability to heal. As such, they're considerations in any type of invasive cosmetic surgery.

The Fat
Even if one is suitable, many misconceptions seem to abound regarding liposuction.
First, it's not meant as the primary method to model the body to remove fat. In fact, a healthy diet and regular exercise are the primary method. It's when this primary method fails, that liposuction becomes an option.

Second, there are limits as to what liposuction can do. For this reason, there are some clinics in Toronto that provide digital inhouse imaging. They use a computer to generate a model of your body to create a "before and after picture." While it's not a perfect image, it's helpful for people to understand what they may look like. It is also helpful in investigating other cosmetic surgery procedures.

Third, not all fat is bad. Too many people forget this. Cosmetic surgery procedures like liposuction can only remove a certain amount of fat. Going too far can cause undue risk to someone's health.

Fourth, after undergoing the procedure, one still needs to look after their own general health and well-being. Liposuction, like tummy tucks, are not intended to be the definitive be all and end all. Cosmetic surgery represents a viable alternative when normal diet and exercise fail to achieve realistic desired results.

Where To Go
There are many places where you can get liposuction done. However, you obviously want to find a reputable cosmetic surgeon at a reputable clinic. There are quite a few good cosmetic clinics in Toronto.

However, ultimately, it's up to you to decide what's best for you. So take the time to inform yourself.

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