What Intensity Should I Be Working Out?

By: Ben Basos

You know just like I do that exercise and hitting the gym is essential when it comes to transforming your body. But you can lift the same weight over and over and be frustrated over the weeks with little results. It's all about intensity, and finding out what levels suit you and the physique you strive for.

Intensity is used to burn fat and build muscle and is a secret weapon in boosting your exercise regimes. Intensity can be more plainly put as the difficulty at which you perform during your workout. You can increase the intensity of any exercise. Variations by changing the speed, lifting weight or resistance can all increase how difficult each exercise is. Just remember not to completely overdo it. Intensity should as the name implies, intense, but should not cause pain or major discomfort. This type of workout should psychical challenging however, so make sure you give it your best.

There are reasons why an intense work out is better. Though it's a hard question to also answer. Obviously working hard as its benefits, but what intensity level is right for you is something discovered. People aim for different body types, so your intensity level should match what you are trying to accomplish. There's a few factors that also come into play when choosing sustainable high intensity workouts.

Experience is an important element with knowing what your body can produce. If you are new, I recommend starting out hard, yet start low. Build your confidence until you feel ready to turn it up to the next level. The more experience acquired the easier you'll find it to work at peak efficiency.

The best times to employ exercises which are high intensity is when calorie burning is essential. I learned to double my fat loss by adding just a few extra reps to each exercise I performed at the gym. The increased intensity helped me reach a ripped six pack. It was painful, and a lot of sweat went into each exercise I made harder for myself. But in the back of my mind I knew I was taking the difficult shortcut to my goal. It kept me going, knowing I was working towards the body I wanted in the shortest possible time.

This is just me personally however, and there are many different personality types looking to lose fat. Keeping with the right diet, low intensity workouts are successful even if being less efficient. They have the added bonus of being more flexible, yet unquestionably show slower progress. Work at a slower pace with some exercises, while in conjunction incorporating some high intensity training may also be a solution that suits you.

If you want my answer it can be hard to stick with high intensity workouts and making every exercise that little bit harder. In the end, if you can handle it, each workout should be as intense as the body goal your reaching for. The reason for intensity is because it's a shortcut to success. But success takes sacrifice at times, and you will feel pain, believe me. Know though, that you are maximising your potential with each session, to unleash the best version of yourself.

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Ben Basos is the writer of the extremely popular Mission to Muscle blog which documented his 12 week transformation from flabby to fit. Ben also holds a Bachelor of Science degree majoring in Human Movement studies and dedicates his time to keeping lean, fit and healthy. Read the full article on What Intensity Should I Be Working Out?

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