What Causes Carpet Fleas

By: Tom Dahne

Carpeting, is one of the most common selections for floor covering, it gives a lot of benefits to members of the family at home. Carpeting is the most beneficial selection you can make when you would like to cover the floor in your bedroom, family room, and other living areas wherever you want warmth under your feet. Carpeting as well provides a slip resistant surface that will prevent accidents along with a natural cushioning in the case of somebody falling down, for instance you’re young kids or seniors, this is really important.

Research has shown that carpeting may indeed improve the quality of air through trapping allergy inducing dust and allergens if it is properly cleaned and maintained. As a matter of fact, just about most of the people who use carpeting in their home do not clean and maintain it the right way. It could cause allergens to come up from the carpeting if the carpeting isn't cleaned regularly.

The most general allergens detected in carpeting come from fleas. Where precisely do the fleas come from? This is among the most common questions everyone ask carpet maintenance services. Basically, fleas are all over in our surroundings such as yards, grass, pavements, park lands, hiking trails, homes, and even on our pets. Any animal which goes outdoors at all is at risk of exposure of picking up the casual flea. Hedgehogs and other little mammals and pets included could carry them and leave some in your garden. Carpet fleas come in the home upon your pets or on some other mammals suchlike a mouse, rats, or squirrels. While your pets play around your garden, it is likely for them to bring fleas inside your home.

Fleas are parasites which means they can't live without an animal host. Full-grown fleas try to remain on animals always. Once fleas lay eggs, the eggs drop-off the animal. Just about all of the flea eggs will be discovered in the areas wherever the animal spends the most time, suchlike the pet's resting areas, in this case, carpeting is a popular place for your pets to rest.

Have you ever wondered how come the fleas like living in carpeting? Humidity is essential to a fleas survival. Eggs require progressive humidity of at the least 70-75 percent for hatching, and larvae require at the least 50 percent humidity to survive. In humid areas, approximately 20 percent of the eggs pull through to maturity; in dry areas, fewer than five percent complete the cycle. Fleas thrive at higher temperatures, but require 70° to 90°F to survive. Colder temperatures slow down or entirely break down the fleas life-cycle. Carpeting is the most effective place for mature fleas to live since of its dry temperature. But if your carpeting is wet or humid, it is the safest place for flea eggs to survive. Carpeting and the cracks between the floor and baseboards form a fantastic nursery for these little fleas. They live in the carpeting, on your pet's bedding material, and your furniture.

They will reproduce and keep on going to your pets for their blood meals. On that point there are so many fleas that there are not enough animal hosts. Without enough animals, the fleas start to bite people. That is how come carpet fleas have to be killed. It is really important to keep your carpet humidity progressive to a lower temperature and always keep your household clean.

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