What Can Irritate Your Skin?

By: Antoinette R.

You consider it skin rashes; your dermatologist in Arizona calls it contact dermatitis. It is when your skin turns red and scaly, and feels itchy. Sometimes, this condition also leads to stinging and burning sensation in your skin. Contact dermatitis is the result of your exposure to allergens and irritants. Irritant contact dermatitis is a lot more common between the two. In fact, the average case ratio is 8 out of 10. You may be surprised to understand what causes irritant contact dermatitis. Check these out.

Household Cleaners

If you will check the labels of household cleaning products, you will see this: “Avoid contact with eyes”. A lot of them may also cause soreness - or damage - to the skin. For one, a normal dishwashing detergent can make your hands flaky and dry, specifically when used substantially. But the moment you use a more concentrated product, the more it can lead to skin itch and worse, burn. Therefore, it is crucial that you read the labels before making a purchase and you use gloves to cover your hands. Other household cleaners that you should take note of are toilet cleaners, window and glass cleaners, and all-purpose cleaners. They also include chemicals that you should not inhale or swallow.

Poisonous Plants

Poisonous plants like sumac, poison ivy and oak contain oily sap, which triggers skin irritation and severe itching when it directly touches the skin or when the person touches something that has it like pet fur and clothing. You may look for anti-itch products to avoid the itchiness. However, if your condition is worse, you need to speak with a dermatologist in Arizona.


Some products make use of adhesives so they stick to the skin. Among them are bandages. While they are useful, they also cause skin rashes when in contact with the skin for a prolonged time period. The contributors here are the glues because they're the ones that bring about contact dermatitis. If skin itch or rash appears, stop your use of the product. You may apply topical corticosteroid for the rash. But if your problem has turned severe, visit your dermatologist the soonest possible time.

Rubber Latex

Some women experience skin discomfort from wearing bra. This is not due to the bra itself but from the repeated contact with the rubber latex, which is inside the bra. This may lead to burning, itching and even redness of the skin - all symptoms of latex allergy. Have your skin tested for latex allergy.


Clothes cause skin to feel discomfort due to several factors and these include scratching from tags, roughness of the fabric and heat rash. Needless to say, no person can avoid wearing clothes. So try to discover what precisely irritates your skin. If it is the tag, remove it. If it is the fabric, do not buy attire that are rough on your skin.

Some other skin irritants include soap, hand sanitizers, drain cleaners and personal care products. Contact dermatitis can be easily remedied and averted. First, stay away from what causes it. Second, apply emollients, which are non-cosmetic moisturizers that are made as ointments, creams, gels and lotions. They lessen the itchiness in your skin. For severe signs and symptoms, you may need topical corticosteroids, which should be prescribed by your dermatologist in Arizona after assessment of your condition.

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