What Beginners Need To Know About Kick Boxing

By: Rose Essn

Men and women around the world are constantly looking for ways that they can lose weight and improve their fitness. Unfortunately, many of the activities that can help them do this are dull. This is not the case with kick boxing. Kickboxing is a fun and effective way to get into shape.

Can People With Poor Flexibility do Kickboxing?

The most common question asked by newbies to the sport is "do I need to be flexible to kickbox?". The short answer to this question is no. Every participant will find that their flexibility improves over time. That being said, those who want to practice the sport at a competitive level will need a high level of flexibility. As very few people want to do this, beginners should not worry about their flexibility until they are experienced kickboxers.

What Are the Different Types of Kickboxing?

The art of kickboxing has roots in various cultures. Each form of the sport has its own rules and requires different skills. Listed below are some of the most popular kickboxing systems.

- Muay Thai is Thailand's national sport. It is a ring sport which consists of throwing, kneeing, punching, elbows and clinch fighting. Many experts consider this style to be the most physically demanding type of kickboxing in existence.

- Full Contact Karate is a sport that was very popular in the 19070s. It is a combination of karate and boxing.

- Savate is an interesting French sport. Unlike other kickboxing systems, Savate employs the use of shoes. Boxers are allowed to hit their opponents with the tip of their shoe.

- Bando is the Burmese equivalent of Thai boxing. The only different between the two styles is that Thai boxers use boxing gloves. In Bando, the hands are protected by fist wraps. It is also worth noting that Bando allows headbutting.

- K-1 is similar to Muay Thai however it incorporates many different styles of kickboxing. This makes the fights very exciting to watch.

- Shan Show is a Chinese kickboxing style which originates from Kung Fu.

Why Do People Want to Learn Kickboxing?

There are several reasons why a person may want to learn this sport. Some people may want to increase their fitness and/or lose weight. Others may have a genuine interest in the sport. A small percentage of people learn this art so that they can compete at kickboxing competitions.

The easiest way to learn kickboxing is to enroll in classes. Consumers can do this by finding out which classes are available in their city. People who live in large cities may have a few different kickboxing styles available to them. Those in small towns may have to make do with what is offered by local community centers and gyms.

Kick boxing is a fantastic sport. In time, participants will feel more confident with their fighting ability. Most people who try this sport feel fitter and stronger. While this art was previously dominated by males, more and more women and children are taking up kickboxing.

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