What Are The Health Benefits Of Using Herbal Formula For Anti Aging?

By: Aaric Hadden

Oxidation: Every cell present in each and every living organism gets dead and decomposed and is again replaced by a new fresh one. In other words, it undergoes the process of 'oxidation', continuously in a 24 hours basis. For instance, an apple, if peeled and sliced turns into brown color (may get rotten if left for long); a cut on the skin degrades. While the body does the process of metabolizing oxygen very effectively, 1 to 2% of the cells gets harmed in this process and become 'free radicals'.

Free radicals are the molecules having unpaired electrons. In order to get paired with another electron, they are highly reactive and can cause severe damage to the nearby molecules. They are the damaged cells and are extremely harmful. When the free radicals are in the mission to attack, they just don't kill the cells but they often injure the cell, damage the DNA and then create the rising of various diseases. They are the key cause aging related sickness and can lead to heart strokes, attacks and cancers.

Anti-oxidants: A small percentage of free radicals are no big deal just as a car engine emits smoke and fumes. Those free radicals are generally not a big problem if the body is loaded with plenty of 'anti-oxidants'. In order to help the body protecting itself from the harmful effects of oxidation, our Mother Nature gives us thousands of options of different types of antioxidants in the form of fresh fruits, vegetables, berries, beans, whole grains, nuts, and legumes. So, it is strongly advisable to consume such things almost daily.

Source of free radicals: Cigarette smoking leads to formation of huge amount of free radicals as is the origin of it. The food and water we consume also consist of free radicals in form of insecticides, pesticides and other toxins. Drinking alcohol also triggers the production of plenty of free radicals.

Herbal formula for anti aging: Shilajit capsules are the best effective natural and herbal formula for anti aging, which is a multi-purpose all-in-one solution that has a long list of permanent benefits. Shilajit consists of various types of minerals and nutrients which gives a sudden boost in the energy levels in the body, nourishes all the other organs and improves the digestive, respiratory and circulatory tract. Shilajit capsules also contain properties of pain relieving (arthritis), nervous system and anti-inflammatory so as to treat pain, anxiety, stress, etc. Shilajit capsule maintains the overall health and raise the lost bodily energy once again.

These capsules have the anti-oxidant properties that also give younger and attractive looking skin texture by tightening the loosened skin, improving its glow and removing scars without any side effects and that is why the benefits of herbal anti aging formula rules out of all the invented chemical cure.

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