What Are Some of the Common Causes of Wrist Pain?

By: Tom Nicholson

When you suffer from the soreness and inflammation of wrist pain, you may become overly worried about the situation. There are many reasons that can cause this type of suffering, whether you enjoy rigorous sports or long time computer use. When you acknowledge the probable reason for wrist pain, you are more apt to deal with the pain better. To learn the reasons and causes of wrist pain will take some research, however, this is the first step to treat the suffering of wrist pain.
Sprain is a number one cause of wrist pain. Wrist sprain is an injury occurring in the wrist joint ligaments. It is essential to be mindful of getting a sprain. If there is swelling and intense pain, yet no broken bones you are mostly likely dealing with wrist sprain.
Carpal tunnel syndrome is another reason that many people experience wrist pain. The carpal nerve is one that runs along the outside of your hand from your pinky to your wrist and it travels through a sheathe known as the carpal tunnel. When the nerve gets used or compressed too much in the sheathe, a certain amount of pain can result. This sensation might range from a small tingling to a deep stabbing pain, but the truth of the matter is that once it starts, it will usually get worse. When you are dealing with carpal tunnel syndrome, an awareness of what you doing to your body is essential.
Tendonitis is another cause of wrist pain; however, it is easier to treat than is carpal tunnel syndrome. While visiting your physician, he or she may treat wrist pain as tendonitis; alternatively, you can treat tendonitis at home using the right techniques. Suffering from tendonitis causes swelling and pain in the tendon sheaths.
Take some time and make sure that you are familiar with the most common causes of wrist pain. If you are someone who uses your hands regularly, be careful with them. Think about how much you are using them, and never ignore any pain or soreness. If you do something like type for hours on end, make sure that you take routine breaks and that you have the resources that you need to walk away for a little while. When it comes to wrist pain, remember that prevention is always better than trying to fix damage that has been done.
Consider what your options are going to be to get rid of persistent pain and remember that you should always try to pay attention to what your body is telling you!

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