What Are Some Common Mistakes In Treating Eczema

By: Rosie Wallace

Eczema can be extremely frustrating due to it's tenacious nature. Just when you think the patches and spots are finally gone, you may find yourself seeing a couple of new red marks on your arm or stomach. Eczema is characterized by red patches, pink or red marks, blisters and other skin marks. It can be mild or severe. The skin may also become more sensitive to the sun, wind and chemicals
in the environment.

One common mistake in treating eczema is that people think that if they take a very hot shower it will help the skin heal faster. This is a real mistake as hot water dries the skin more. It is best to use warm water only and keep the shower or bath brief. We tend to think that intense heat will cure everything. This may be true for certain ailments, but it's not true for eczema skin problems.

A second mistake is to skip using a moisturizer. Because people use cortisone cream (which can be helpful) there is a feeling that it's not necessary to moisturizer. This is not the case. It is important to still moisturize twice a day when you are treating eczema even if you are using a cortisone lotion. Be sure that the moisturizer is either one that states on it for sensitive skin. Or if you are more inclined towards health food store products with less additives, get one that has oils such as coconut oil, neem oil or olive oil.

Another mistake that occurs is to try to use an abrasive wash cloth or loofah sponge to remove the eczema. This is also not a good idea as it can spread the pus from blisters and result as well in a bacterial infection. The skin is more vulnerable when it is scratched to bacteria from the beach, backyard dirt infections and infections that spread at work or school.

To counteract these common problems it is best to take warm showers that are short, moisturize twice a day, avoid scratching an eczema itch by taking an antihistamine or using more skin lotion and staying hydrated. Flax seed oil is a useful supplement to supply good nutrition to the skin. Taking a daily vitamin and also minerals is a good way to stay healthy, keep the immune system balanced and be less susceptible to germs in the environment.

Be aware of foods, chemicals and other triggers that may result in the eczema symptoms. Some people are very sensitive to paints, dryness, perfume and msg. Keep track of when you get your eruptions to see if there are connections to any environmental stimulants.

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