What Are Solar Nails And How Can They Enhance Your Manicure?

By: Gen Wright

Solar nails are the next big thing in nail care and presentation. While acrylics and gels may still be among the most popular options for getting one's nails done, solar nails are quickly earning a reputation as being more effective and advantageous. The reason that solar is the way to go for nail care? There is simply a lot less upkeep and fewer things that can go wrong when wearing them on your fingers. If you like to have your "nails did" but you do not like all of the unpleasantries that go along with it, then you will want to consider the solar option.

First of all, solar nails hold up well to tanning. That is a specially important option this time of year because people are more concerned with their complexion and what they look like as they head to the pool or beach. Tanning beds, one of the more popular options for bringing color to your skin, often damage gels and acrylics, but they do not affect solar nails. As a result you can step away from the tanning booth looking equally as good as you did when you went into it. The only difference, other than the killer tan, is that you do not need to do a nail replacement.

Secondly, solar nails are stronger than acrylics. You do not have to be so careful with solar nails because they are as strong as your actual nail and will hold up under a high degree of pressure. The solar advantage that many women prefer is that it means you do not have to submit to as many replacements, which can be annoying and expensive. Instead, you can grab your grocery bags, engage in daily household chores, maneuver at work, all without having be as careful as you have to be with the traditional fake nail option.

Thirdly, solar nails do not operate as extensions. Rather than using acrylics, which can actually do a great deal of damage to your natural nail, solar nails protect your natural nails and ensure that they will look as beautiful after you remove the solar nail as they did before you had them put on. Furthermore, the solar nail lasts more than a week longer than the traditional acrylic look and greatly cuts back on the amount of money that you have to spend to replace them.

When it comes to beauty, a nice set of nails can't be beat. Unfortunately, many are still doing things the old fashioned way with an unreliable acrylic that lasts two weeks at best. If you want to plan your beauty steps smarter, then you need to look at other options. You need to choose solar nails instead of the alternatives.

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How solar nails can benefit your overall manicure depends on who you get to do the work and how well you take care of them afterward. To learn more, visit our site today!

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