What Are Resale Rights?

By: Ravi Inder Singh

If you have spent much time looking at internet marketing ebooks or trying to make money online you have probably heard the term resale rights. Even if you have heard the term you may not know exactly what it means. What are resale rights and how do they apply to making money online?

If a product is offered with normal resale rights that mean that when you buy the product, usually an ebook or some kind of computer software, you also have the right to sell that product to your own customers. Normal resell rights normally come with stipulations or limitations on how they can be sold. Sometimes the price of the product is set for you or you are at least provided with a minimum for which you can resell the material. You are also usually not allowed to make changes to the material.

Master resale rights are similar to normal resale rights; you can sell the material on to your customers. They differ in that you can pass on the right to sell the product so your customers can sell the ebook to their customers. This way you can increase the market for the material by making money selling the product to others that wish to use it to make money as well as those who just need the information. The problem with selling a product with the master resale rights is that you are creating more competition with every sale.

Another form of resale rights is called private label rights. This means that you buy an ebook, for example, and then you can make changes to it. You can make it original by bringing old information up to date, adding extra facts and just freshening it up a bit. You can even turn around and resell it as your own work. This is a great way to use resale rights to make money because you are selling an original product. The downside to using private label rights to make money is that it can be time consuming to make the necessary changes to a document.

The last form of resale rights are regrinding rights. This means that when you buy a product such as an internet marketing ebook or an affiliate marketing ebook, you can replace the author's links with your own. This will allow you to use the information written by someone else to promote yourself. This is a great way to promote a website, or an affiliate store. Regrinding can save you a lot of work when promoting yourself and your original products.

When you buy products with resell rights or software resell rights it is important understand what the terms of resell are so that you can follow them exactly. There are always new opportunities online to make money using products with resale rights.

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