What Are Quit Smoking Side Effects?

By: Tom Lorenza

If you are determined to quit smoking, you should realize that there are some side effects that you will probably have to deal with when you stop smoking. Usually the quit smoking side effects last only for a short period of time, but they can be extremely uncomfortable, you might need to consult your physician or take some medication manage the side effects so that you do not get hooked again.
One of the first quit smoking side effects is dizziness. This will usually comes on a day or two after you stop smoking. Therefore, make sure you take time to lie down and rest for short duration right through the day. However, after a few days, the dizzy spells will subside, and you will be able to stand and walk about without feeling sick.
You may also feel fatigued for a few days; this will pass quicker if you are exercising regularly, and if you're filling your diet with lots of raw fruits and vegetables. Exercising will also help you to get a more sound sleep, since insomnia is another one of the side effects of quitting smoking.
If you are facing problems falling off to sleep after quitting smoking, try drinking lavender or chamomile tea to help you relax. This will help you fall off to sleep fast.
Other side effects of quitting smoking include headaches and increased appetite. Usually, if you are eating healthy snacks in between meals, you can curb your appetite without putting on extra weight. But, don't be surprised if your body is craving large amounts of food after you have already eaten. You may be able to eat two or three fruits at a time, or take in more whole grain snacks than usual. This is perfectly normal; you'll just need to make sure that your meals and snacks have plenty of fiber and antioxidants, so that you can continue to rid the body of toxins.
Depression and anxiety are some of the most serious side effects of quitting smoking. If you have been smoking for a long time, these symptoms could be severe; your doctor may even have to prescribe medication for depression until the symptoms are under control. You may find that you don't have the energy to spend time with family or friends, and that even little things cause you to be extremely irritated. This is one of the major reasons why smokers are afraid to go through the process of quitting, but medications like Paxil, as well as natural supplements like St. John's wort will help you to combat these symptoms.

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