What Are Quality Fish Oil Supplements

By: Freddie Logan

If you are taking fish oil supplements chances are you have heard something about the concern of mercury poisoning. This is creating some confusion among people who want to do the best for their health but are uncertain about how to pick the best type of supplement. It turns out there is a lot to think about, even beyond the mercury issue.
Fish oil obviously comes from fish. Yet, where the fish come from is a major concern not only when taking supplements but when consuming it as a food source as well.
Fish farms are now being used to get cheaper sources of fish both for fresh consumption and supplement purposes. This is surprising to many people who think that all fish just come straight from the ocean. So, what is the big deal? It has been discovered after testing that fish from these farms have more impurities than fish coming fresh from the ocean.
Also, you have to consider the type of fish that are used. Some fish such as tuna have higher mercury content than others.
Cod liver oil is the best type, especially when purchased in a pure liquid form. This is not as easy to find and may run a little higher than other supplements, but knowing exactly where the fish came from is well worth it.
The purity of the oil is a major concern. You don't have to spend big bucks to get a good supplement, but doing a little research into different brands can help guide you toward something that is more pure. You can't assume that the cheapest brand on the shelf at your local store is going to be as healthy as one that may be just slightly higher priced.
To maximize your health benefits, look around for a 100% cod liver oil supplement in liquid form. You may have to spend a little more money for this and it doesn't have a really great taste, but it well worth the mental and physical benefits.
You can always mix the oil into milkshakes or smoothies so that the taste is completely masked. Even children will easily take it if served in this manner. For a very simple smoothie combine the oil with frozen fruit and juice and simply blend.
The mental and physical benefits of taking fish oil supplements on a regular basis have been proven over and over for adults as well as children. It is one supplement that the entire family should be taking, unless you already eat fish at three or more times a week.

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