What Are Panic Attacks

By: Bethany Krill

If youíve been suffering from severe anxiety that happens suddenly and doesnít cause any valid physical effects afterwards, you then will want to be asking, ďWhat are panic attacks and is this what I have, too?Ē

A panic attack (often known as an anxiety attack) is an episode where fear surges throughout your mind and body. You will feel a mixture of mental and physical signs or symptoms that can last anywhere from a couple of minutes to an hour before getting better.

In severe cases, the individual thinks theyíre having a heart attack and dying. Thatís because the adrenaline is coursing through your veins and causing your system to amp up its blood supply - so you feel a pounding of your heart, flushed skin, and other physical signs or symptoms.

Individuals who developpanic attacks often and have them over a long period of time might have panic disorder. This is agenuinemedical condition - itís not something you simply get over or lighten up about.

Because this type of ailment interrupts your daily activities, paralyzing you with dread, itís imperative to know what your remedy options are to be able to end the dizziness, nausea, head aches, chest pain and tightness in your throat (together with other signs or symptoms).

A panic attack might happen without forewarning at any time - when you're home by yourself eating breakfast, when youíre in the middle of carpool, at work in a meeting, or even while relaxing at a movie theater.

After an anxiety attack subsides, you might feel like itís taken its toll on you. Thatís normal. But the worst part is - wondering when this ailment will creep back into your life. Itís unusual for someone to simply have one panic attack and then never have one again unless itís specific to one stressful situation that goes away.

While thereís no scientific evidence of what causes a panic attack, scientists believe itís a combination of genes, mental focus and stress levels. Genetically, most panic attack sufferers are young women. But that doesnít mean older or younger women (and males) arenít afflicted, either - because they are. There can be a family history of anxiety attacks that contributes to your situation.

Alas, the turmoil that a panic attack leaves in its wake can lead to more critical medical problems, such as depression and suicidal thoughts. Depression has been linked to numerous diseases, so itís important that once you ask the question,ďWhat are anxiety attacks?Ē , you get the answer you need and a solution that helps you inhibit this from getting out of hand.

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