What Are Diamond Chain Saws Used For?

By: Marcia Dale

When you initially see a diamond chainsaw the first thought that may come to your mind might be “Wow, what took them so long?” It's the perfect job-site marriage that has arrived from such a simple adaptation; this is because the chain is basically the same but with one difference.

That is that instead of woodcutting teeth on the outer edge, it has metal pads with industrial diamonds embedded in them. So instead of cutting concrete it grinds it away, but it does so amazingly quick. Now so many tasks that before were too difficult or labour-intensive are now possible. So what kind of things can you do with it?

Well to start off with, unlike standard concrete cutting saws that have to be on a flat surface and can only cut floors and flat work, this amazing tool now allows you to get up off the ground. This means that pretty much anything you can reach that's made of concrete or stone is fair game.

For instance you may have noticed that cement walls always have plumbing and conduit running exposed on the outside surface, well now channels can be cut in and cables can be laid in and finished over. Also minor flaws around the edges of flat-work can be neatly trimmed off for a smooth finished look.

This amazing new chainsaw is also the perfect tool for cutting out doors, windows, access holes, etc. in any concrete wall. Dive-cuts with chainsaws, where you run the blade in head first into wood, have always been dangerous due to binding and the risk of kick-back. However, because there are no teeth on the diamond chainsaw dive-cuts are no problem at all, you are able to poke it straight in without the fear of an accident happening.

Concrete demolition has always been labour-intensive work, particularly if what you are working to remove is large and thick. By using this handy cutting tool, however, demolition work can be a breeze because the job can be cut up into chunks and removed in segments.

Artists who work using stone are now discovering the concrete chainsaw and doing amazing things with it. They use it in much the same way as artists have been working with standard chainsaws on large chunks of wood, only now they're able to express their art on huge boulders.

Cement contractors are also discovering that this handy tool is a perfect solution for when they run into a large boulder whilst they're digging building footings. Areas of large rock that in the past would stop the job in its tracks can now be sliced away in minutes, so it's a real money saver there.

Landscapers and brick masons are also discovering that it pays to keep a diamond chainsaw handy in their trucks tool box for the occasional odd cutting job. In the end though, its affordability and ease-of-use that are what really makes this innovative power cutting tool so useful.

More people today are buying diamond chainsaws and discovering new uses for them; such as tradesmen who in the past had the need for a concrete cutting power tool, but simply couldn't justify the expense of buying one.

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