What Are Debt Consolidation Benefits?

By: Cornie Herring

Today, most people are holding more than one credit card and many people are taking loans such as home loan, personal loan, auto loan & etc. Different monthly due of each credit card and loan may make you hard to manage your payment. This may cause late payment or miss payment occur which may impact your credit rating. The situation becomes even worse if you just make the minimum payment each month, the interest and financial charges are stacked over the debt. If you are in this situation, debt consolidation is your option to bring your financial back to manageable stage.

Let review what are the major benefits of debt consolidation you can enjoy by choosing this option.

1.Consolidate multiple payment into one monthly payment

Each credit card and loan has different monthly due date, with the debt consolidation, you can combine these multiple monthly payment into one. After the debt consolidation, you will only need to remember only one due date and make only one payment, debt consolidation has made your life easier in management your debts and the chance of being late is minimized.

2. Reduction or elimination of the accrued interest and penalties

When you are making only minimum payment each month on your credit card accounts, the interest and financial charges are stacked over the debt. Hence the total debt amount continues to grow like mushroom. What a debt consolidation program can offer is eliminates the portion of your total debt built up by interest and other financial charges; hence, the total debt amount is reduced consequently.

For example, if your $3000 debt has accumulated to $5000 which the $2000 is incurred by interest and financial charges, the debt consolidation program will first eliminate or reduce the $2000 from your debts.

3. Reduced interest rate

The counselor will be able to negotiate on your behalf with your creditors to get a much lower interest rate. With the new lower interest rates, the monthly payments are also less than what used to be earlier.

For example, you have 3 credit card accounts with 18%, 12% and 9% interest rate, you are paying an average of (18%+12%+9%) / 3 = 13% of interest rate. If your consolidation program can reduce your interest rates to 12%, 10% and 7%, you are paying an average interest rate of 9.67% after your debt consolidation.

4. Your debt free life is accelerated

A successful debt consolidation program can make one debt free within 2 to 4 years and saves some money for you. Debt free life is a dream for many debtors, debt consolidation with an effective repayment plan in place, you will be able to realize your dream and enjoy your debt free life sooner than you ever dream of.

5. Get rid of collection calls

By placing your debts under debt consolidation program you can avoid harassing collection calls too. The consolidation company you are working with will notify your creditors that they will be representing you from then on.

6. Obtain a good credit

Late payments and charged-off accounts make your credit report look bad and your credit score goes down consequently. With the debt consolidation program, your accounts start to get paid off eventually. As a result, you will building a good credit into your credit report and rise your credit score.

In summary

Don't let your debt lead you into financial crisis, consolidate all your hard to manage monthly payments into single payment with the reduced interest rates not only can save you some money, it will help you to bring your financial into a manageable level.

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