What Are Credit Card Bin Numbers

By: Gen Wright

A credit card bin number is the first six digits of the credit card number. It is used to identify the issuer of a credit card. Credit cards are issued by different financial institutions such as banks and credit unions. Department stores in recent years have been issuing credit cards as well. A credit card bin # can be used to combat fraud, either online or in an actual store.

A credit card bin number is usually checked automatically when a customer swipes their credit card at a point of sale. The debit card machine will be able to tell from a credit card bin database if the issuing financial institutions address matches that of the address the customer has on file. If there are any discrepancies to a credit card bin number, it will warn the retailer of a potential fraud or credit card theft.

A credit card issuer will have a credit card bin range that is specific to them only. Credit card bin ranges are a range of numbers, for instance the credit card bin visa ranges from 400610 to 499977. A lot of financial institutions offer credit cards in countries all over the world. Credit card bin visa ranges would contain the different visa card numbers for all the countries in the world that Visa offers their credit cards. The credit card bin number list would show 497671 as the credit card bin number for Credit du Nord Visa Credit Card in France and 499916 as the credit card bin # for the Platinum card from New Zealand Bank.

There are credit card bin websites on the internet that will provide credit card bin checker software for you to purchase and download. Each software program would consist of a credit card bin database. The credit card bin number would be checked against the database. There are some websites that offer a credit card bin free lookup, however these will probably contain only a portion of the actual database of the credit card bin #. To utilize the full credit card bin numbers database, you will need to purchase a full version of a credit card bin checker software program.

There are some websites that have the credit card bin number embedded as a credit card bin database list. These websites allow you to just populate a field with the credit card bin # and it would perform a credit card bin numbers search. Once the search was complete, the website would tell you what financial institution the credit card originated from and also what country. Finding this information out, allows you to then compare that to a customer's address. If the two do not match, it is time to do some investigating.

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It is important for one to check compatibility of a given bin checker download before downloading it. One can check bin ranges database. This is what you should have for fraud-free online trading. You can go to bin range checker and have a look at their database.

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