What Are Bin Ranges For Credit Cards?

By: Gen Wright

Have you been recommended BIN ranges for credit cards but you have no idea what they are? If so you definitely wouldn't be alone! So many people have no idea what BIN numbers are, never mind BIN ranges! Here you will find out why BIN ranges for credit cards can be beneficial for your business.

Understanding BIN Numbers

Before you can understand what BIN ranges for credit cards are, you need to know exactly what BIN numbers are. Basically look at the long number in the centre of your credit card. Take the first six numbers and that is your BIN number. It tells a merchant various things about the card and you. It shows who the card issuer is, where it is registered to and who it is registered to. Some BIN lookups have your address and phone number listed in case the merchant needs to double check a transaction. However, not all databases will have this information.

The BIN range is basically the type of card that you have. The different types of cards include:

American Express

Each card type has its own starting numbers. By looking at the first two numbers a merchant will know which type of card they are dealing with thanks to BIN number lookups.

Where Can You Find BIN Range Lists?

The good news is that you don't need any specific software to find BIN number range lists. You can find them for free online. Although there isn't that much you can do with just the BIN range information. The main thing that it is useful for is telling you whether you accept that type of card. For example, not all companies in the UK will accept American Express payments. So if the card that you are presented with has an American Express BIN range number then you know that it can't be used.

Apart from this, you can't find any other information out from those first two numbers. You need the full six numbers to really prevent fraud. In order to prevent fraud in the first place, you need to have BIN number lists.

Fight Fraud and Protect Your Business

There is no greater way to protect your company from fraudsters than by installing BIN number lists onto your computer. When a transaction goes through the system, the BIN ranges checker will see whether there is anything to be worried about. It will look at the type of card being used, where it is registered and where it is being used. You can set it so that without needing your permission, the system rejects the payment if there are any suspected problems. This can give you and your customers a peace of mind.

One thing that surprises some businesses is that the BIN numbers list you are presented with isn't the official list. The genuine database is kept completely confidential and it isn't available to the public. However other databases have been compiled and they are just as relevant as the official list.

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For more information on how you as a business entity can protect against such like losses check out bin ranges database or bin lookup software.

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