What Amazing Health Benefits Are Provided By Foods With DHA Omega 3!

By: Terry Johnston

Foods with omega 3 fatty acids are all the rage today. The reason being it has been proven there is significant improvement in ones health. Ranging from our brain to our heart. A powerful anti-inflammatory it helps with things like Crohn's disease and even psoriasis.
Lots foods contain omega 3 fatty acids, but which ones contain the best--DHA omega 3? The best source has been and always will be cold water fish. The problem with that is fish tend to carry heavy metal pollution like mercury, PCBs, chromium (see the movie Erin Brockovich) etc. Many health experts warn about too much polluted fish.
Example: For adults, at least two servings of omega-3-rich fish a week are recommended. A serving size is 3 ounces (85 grams), or about the size of a deck of cards. Women who are pregnant or plan to become pregnant and children under age 12 should limit the amount of fish they eat because they're most susceptible to the potential effects of toxins in fish.
Quote from the Mayo Clinic Web Site!
You have to be very careful on which fish you consume. In most cases people don't eat enough of the right kinds fish (cold water) to get the DHA they need from the omega 3. Because of this many have turned to supplements to get their daily dose of DHA omega 3.
Fresh fish have clear eyes and a pleasant ocean smell. You fish oil capsules should smell the same when broken open and no fishy odor.
The demand for omega 3 fish oil has sky rocketed as more and more health benefits are discovered. But many of the supplements on the market are not of the highest quality so buyer beware.
To choose the right supplement you need to know where the raw ingredients--(the fish) comes from. Was the fish harvested from the polluted waters of the North Sea? Read the labels and do your research. Do not accept anything less then the very best. Quality omega 3 supplements are easily obtainable.
Very pure fish oil is harvested from the Hoki (a type of fast maturing Hake). This fish is native the clean, deep, cold waters off New Zealand. Situated quite far from regular shipping lanes the waters are free of the pollution that is present in other fisheries around the world.
Keep in mind the best supplement manufacturers will demand the use of only the best quality omeg3 DHA in their products. Remember that when making the decision for your family.
DHA is good for your health and foods containing it are highly recommended. It has been shown to prevent anxiety, depression, Alzheimer's and various other brain disorders. Above that it protects your heart and circulatory system. It naturally thins the blood to prevent platelets from collecting together to form clots which can cause strokes and heart attacks.
Omega 3 relieves inflammation due to arthritis and other problems. Numerous skin disorders can be helped by getting enough omega 3s. It is also reported that omega 3s can be a cancer preventative. Just think about that for a minute, preventing cancer just by taking a fish oil supplement. It is worth a try.
With all we have covered here. it should be easy to see the best way to get your recommended daily dose of DHA omega 3 is by taking a fish oil supplement. The only worry you have is making sure your fish oil supplement is the purest it can be.

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