What 6 kinds of food can be anti-fatigue

By: Hayden

Whether do you feel that you don't have enough sleeping every day? When work and study during the day, are you often apathetic and uninterested in anything? Do you often feel headache and dizziness but did not find the cause? The body is warning you - fatigue.
Tired is also known as fatigue, on subjective it is a kind of fatigue and weakness discomfort feeling, office workers are often in overtime work, lack of sleep, enormous pressure, and no leisure. Fatigue is a kind of lazy feeling that you can't eliminate no matter how long time you sleep. When a healthy person feel drowsy during the day, he is either because of lack of sleep, or because of the poor quality of sleep.
Drink hot tea
Tea contains caffeine. It can enhance the frequency and depth of breathing, and promote the secretion of adrenaline and achieve the purpose of the anti-fatigue. Coffee and chocolate also have a similar effect.
Supplement B vitamins
Vitamin B1, vitamin B6, vitamin B12 and other B vitamins is natural antidote to ease the pressure and nourish nerve, help to dispose of the accumulated metabolites as soon as possible in body, they are essential nutrients to eliminate fatigue, adequate supplementation is particularly beneficial to people who are chronic fatigue syndrome.
Alkaline food
Fatigue is caused by meta-acid environment of the human body, so eat more alkaline food can eliminate the effect of fatigue, such as fresh vegetables (cabbage, cauliflower, celery, lettuce, radish sprouts, cabbage) and fruits, algae, milk, etc. which can neutralize the "fatigue factor" - lactic acid, in order to relieve fatigue.
Add Calcium and magnesium together
Calcium is a natural pressure relief agent. People with calcium deficiency are always exhausted, and nervous are in high tension, and unable to relief fatigue that is obtained in work. Intake of calcium-rich foods, such as milk and yogurt, at the same time, do not forget to add magnesium. Fresh wheat germ, buckwheat, walnuts, almonds, red wine, banana, seaweed, unprocessed honey and soy and other foods are all rich in magnesium.
Jujube, according to modern medical research proved, contains cyclic adenosine monophosphate that is a necessary material for human energy metabolism, can dilate blood vessels, increase myocardial contractility, and improve myocardial nutrition. In addition, red dates have a certain effect on the eye, night blindness, withered hair, rough skin cracking, feelings of irritability, memory loss and insomnia symptoms.
The grape is nutritious, sweet and delicious. According to the analysis, per 100grams of grapes contains about 0.4grams of protein, fat 0.6g, carbohydrate 10.25g (as high as up to 30 grams) and contains minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, iron and carotene, vitamin B1, vitamin B2 vitamin C, vitamin PP and so on. In addition, it also contains more than 10 kinds of amino acids needed by the body. So, often eat grapes are benefited to neurasthenia and fatigue.
Honey can eliminate brain fatigue. In all natural food, the energy that brain neurons required is the highest concentrations in the honey. Fructose and glucose in honey can be quickly absorbed by the body and used to improve the nutritional status of the blood. Eating honey can quickly add strength, reduce fatigue, enhance immunity against the disease.

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