What 10 small tips about cooking potatoes

By: Hayden

Potatoes are one of the home cooking materials, the way of cooking potatoes is countless, potato tastes crispy and is nutrient-rich. Experts study found that per person eats 5-6 potatoes per week, the risk of stroke can be decreased by 40%. Now, potatoes are so good. In cooking, we must pay attention to the cooking skills do not waste the good nutrition of potatoes. The following will introduce you 10 tips on cooking potatoes.
1, Do not peel too much potato skin
When do potatoes to peel, only should cut off a thin layer to retain more nutrients as far as possible, because the juice under potato skin is rich in protein.
You can choose to use a to peel the potatoes: using a steel ball to twist lightly the surface of potatoes, you are very easily able to remove the thin layer of the skin, and will not damage the fleshy part of the inside.
In addition, potato skins can be used to remove scale. The potato skins can be reused!
2, remove potato skin with alternating hot and cold water
Put new potatoes into the hot water to soak, again put in cold water, so that it is easy to remove the skin.
3, peeled potatoes should be put in cold water
If not cook the peeled potatoes immediately, should be soaked in cold water, put in the cold water to prevent oxidation becoming black and filtering surface excess starch, and you are not fat after eating, and it is not paste pot when fry. But you cannot soak them too long time, so as to prevent the loss of nutrients.
In addition, put the peeled potatoes in cold water, add a little vinegar to the water, cannot change potatoes color.
4, add fennel to make them more fresh
In order to make the boiled potatoes more fresh, add a little fennel into the soup.
5, remove the potatoes spots with vinegar
If the potatoes are stored for a long time the surface often has blue-green spots, if jardiniere, will not nice. Put in some vinegar (put a tablespoon per kilogram of potatoes). The spots will disappear when boil potatoes.
In addition, in order to make the potatoes with skin cracking and black when cooking, add a little vinegar to the water.
6, add butter to make them cooked fast
In order to make potatoes cooked more quickly, you can add a tablespoon of margarine into the boiled potatoes.
7, saline maintains silty potatoes integrity
Silty potatoes are easy to be cooked. It is difficult to remain intact even if cook with the skin. If add some pickles brine or vinegar into the water, potatoes can be remained intact after boiled.
8, protect potatoes vitamin
Don't put the potatoes that have been washed and cut in cold water to soak, otherwise it will lose a lot of vitamin C and vitamin B. If you want to minimize the loss of vitamin when boil potatoes, you had better not boil, but steam.
9, the cooking methods of different colors potatoes
Experienced housewives often use white potatoes for making mashed potatoes, the yellow potato is made into soup, and put rosy potatoes into a hot pan to fry, when the surface of the potato pieces is slightly red, add salt.
10, cook potatoes needs simmer
Potatoes need to be simmered, it can be boiled evenly, if cook with a big fire, will make the outer layer of potatoes boiled but the inside is raw, it is particularly important point when you cook potatoes.

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