What 10 benefits of eating apple to people

By: Hayden

"An apple a day keeps the doctor away." In fact, these words are not false. Apple is not only easy to buy, the price is also not expensive, and apple also has a good health care function, people eat more will be longevity, quickly go and see!
1, antidiarrheal
Because apples contain substances such as the rich tannic acid, malic acid, organic acids, pectin and cellulose have convergence effect, pectin and cellulose in it have absorbed the role of bacteria and toxins in the body, they are able to facilitate intestinal and be antidiarrheal. Just daily in the morning and in the evening fasting eat an apple respectively, can be effective; treatment of watery diarrhea with semi-ripe apples that is boiled with right amount of water, even the soup should be drunk.
2, defaecation
In apple, organic acids and cellulose can promote bowel wriggle, stool soft, easy to the excretion, so consumption of apples can promote defaecation, treatment of dry stool. It is suitable to eat the grilled apple.
3, improve the response to pregnancy
For women pregnancy reaction, eat apples not only add calories, vitamins, etc., but also adjust the salt and water and electrolyte balance, prevent acidosis due to frequent vomiting.
4, prevention and treatment of hypertension
Apple contains more potassium, less sodium, potassium in apple can be in conjunction with the excess sodium in body, then remove out of the body. Therefore, eat the apple or often consumption of apple juice is very good for hypertensive patients. In recent years, Europe and the United States and Japan and other countries medical scientists proved that apple like lowering drugs can reduce blood cholesterol. And they think, because apple itself does not contain cholesterol, can promote the excretion of cholesterol from bile; and apples contain a lot of pectin, can prevent intestinal cholesterol absorption; apple is decomposed into acetic acid in the intestine that is favorable to cholesterol metabolism, reduce the occurrence of coronary heart disease and the rate of inducing heart disease. We can see that apple for the elderly, especially cholesterol patients. Indeed, it is regarded as the ideal fruit.
Treatment of hypertension, eat 300-400grams of apples in the Apple Day of week, and do not eat any meat, eat five apples, in the future, you can drop in blood pressure, later, as the blood pressure, and then decide whether to continue to the next course .
5, increase appetite, benefit from the growth of baby
Apples contain soluble phosphorus and iron, easy digestion and absorption, benefits for the growth and development of the baby, but also can prevent the occurrence of rickets in infants and young children.
6, weight loss
Apples contain a lot of vitamins, malic acid, can promote the decomposition of fat accumulated in the human body, regular consumption of apples can prevent obesity. If you are too much fat, you need to eat some sour apples.
According to study, each Apple Day allows the body weight decreased by 0.5kg to 1kg. 1500grams of fresh apple in Apple Day, eat six times, just eat 250grams once, a course is 18 Apple Day.
7, prevention and treatment of anemia
Often eat apples can increase hemoglobin, make the skin become white and tender. Therefore, for patients with anemia, eating apples can play a certain role of adjuvant therapy. Apple treatment of anemia can be eaten raw, and grilled to eat.
8, prevent aging
Calcium and vitamin E contained in apple, have the diuretic beauty effect, can help prevent aging.
9, the prevention of diabetes
Apple contains pectin, which can prevent cholesterol increased, reduce blood sugar levels, moderate consumption of apples has a certain effect on the prevention and treatment of diabetes. Treatment of diabetes should eat sour apples.
10, enhance memory
Apple is not only rich in sugar, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that the brain is essential, but more importantly, it is rich in zinc. According to studies, the zinc is an integral part of many important enzymes of the human body, is to promote the growth and development of the key elements. Human zinc deficiency will have a negative impact on memory.

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