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By: Anthony Cruz

Most people judge others by their smile. A sunny smile suggests a great self-image, attracting a lot of people. The perfect white smile is no longer reserved for the Hollywood elites; your dentist can now do wonders, thanks to cosmetic teeth whitening.
Spending less than an hour in the clinic can radically change the way you look. Many people may question the value of every procedure used at Westwood Teeth Whitening, but you will leave the office with the most satisfactory smile. Westwood Family Dentist focuses on giving you a perfect set of white teeth.
What are the causes of discoloration?
When your first little teeth popped through your gums, they were a beautiful shade of white, thanks to yet untarnished enamel surface. Over the process of a lifetime, this enamel is slowly worn away, allowing the dentin beneath the enamel to be exposed. Dentin, or the core material of teeth, is yellow in color, thus a cause of tooth discoloration.
Another root of discoloration is the stain and debris, which fill in the microscopic cracks in your teeth caused from chewing. This robs teeth of their sparkle and leaves behind a dull, flat appearance. Other correlated causes of tooth discoloration are age, genetics, eating habits, smoking, drug use, teeth grinding or trauma.
How can our office help?
At Westwood Teeth Whitening, the teeth whitening procedures we follow has a number of edge over at-home processes. The outcomes are almost immediate and do not require you to apply gels or creams daily. The dentists at our office use state-of-the-art dental technology and focus on gibing you whitening sessions that lessen sensitivity of your tooth and gum.
Our cosmetic dentists have board certifications and have advanced trainings. You may want to book a consultation with Steven D. Hopkinson, DDS, a respected dentist and considered one of the best in the industry. Our dentists assure their patients they will give them the safest whitening procedures available today.
What you should expect
Before you undergo the teeth whitening procedure, your dentist will pre-clean your teeth to remove surface debris and plaques between your teeth. The dentist will thoroughly examine your teeth to eliminate potential dental risks before the whitening process begins. If the dentist finds any issue, he or she will take care of it early.
A hardening resin will then be applied to the surface of the gum tissue in order to prevent irritation from chemicals used in the whitening process. Then the actual bleaching agent will be applied and left on from 15 to 30 minutes. The process may be repeated as many times as deemed necessary by each individual case based on desired tooth shade.
Stains may persist
Although teeth whitening is a quick and amazing cosmetic process, you should be aware that discoloration may reappear over time. Discoloration may particularly recur if you re-expose your teeth to straining agents that led to the discoloration of your teeth in the first place. In such case, the dentists at Westwood Teeth Whitening will help you regain your confidence by repeating the teeth whitening procedure.

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