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By: Dr. Bruce Fulford, D.A, Ph.D

It is no secret that we live in the most stressful time in history. It is the opinion of a growing number of health care professionals that stress has become a global health epidemic. Even in conversation we throw the word 'stress' around more and more every day. Stress has been clinically linked to the majority of major diseases. Almost all of our tension and pain is due to unrelieved stress patterns. A disease like cancer or a stroke doesn't happen overnight. They are the accumulation of years of stress put on the body. When I talk about stress, I’m talking about various types of stress. There is physical stress – such as repetitive motions, sitting at a computer for hours every day or accidents. chemical stress – such as prescription and non prescription drugs, pesticides in our food and chemicals in our water. And emotional stress – such as financial, work or family issues, that cause our cortisol levels and blood pressure to rise. The American Medical Association says from the beginning of the problem, to the first symptom of a heart attack, forty three years go by. Unfortunately, in many cases, the first sign of illness results in death.

Why are we so stressed?
It is scary to measure how much stress is increasing every year. We live in a now society. Everyone wants everything now, gratification must be instant and patience is quickly becoming a thing of the past. If we could see into ourselves down to a cellular level at all times, we would very quickly think twice about losing patience and getting angry over things that cannot be controlled.
I believe the western world has fallen so far from our inner selves, that we have lost sight of what is truly valuable; love, compassion and happiness. The western ideals of getting all you can for yourself are actually poisoning us, and causing an epidemic of death by stress. People have become 'outer reactive' instead of being 'inner actualized'.
The father of stress research, Dr. Hans Selye, proved that all disease is caused from stress. He dedicated his life to the study of stress and the negative impact it has on our lives and health. Look at what Dr. Seyle has to say:
“The body passes through three universal stages of coping. First there is an "alarm reaction," in which the body prepares itself for "fight or flight." No organism can sustain this condition of excitement, however, and a second stage of adaptation ensues (provided the organism survives the first stage). In the second stage, a resistance to the stress is built. Finally, if the duration of the stress is sufficiently long, the body eventually enters a stage of exhaustion, a sort of aging "due to wear and tear." Dr. Hans Selye

Stress first affects the brain, followed by the nervous system and then finally all other functioning parts of the body. This creates muscle tension and a skeletal distortion, which turns into discomfort and pain.The big problem with the allopathic, western, medical world is that even though they know this to be true, they are still in the business of treating symptoms instead of getting to the cause of the problem (probably because there is more money in the comeback, but that is another article for another time.)

This in short means that if your treatment doesn’t go deeper than simply where the pain or discomfort is, you are not treating the cause. If you don’t treat the cause, the condition is sure to worsen. You only need to turn on the television and watch commercials to see how Big Pharma is pushing pharmaceuticals more than ever before. When the side effects are read off speedily at the end, it seems like something from a Saturday Night Live skit, but there is nothing funny about it. The fact that the FDA approves a medication to treat a non-life-threatening issue with a drug that has life-threatening side effects is proof the industry is run by greed instead of love for humanity. We as humans have lost our way. We have moved further and further from our source, and closer to death.

We have become a narcissistic society, less concerned with long term health and more concerned with immediate, selfish conquests. Dealing with stress appropriately is our only hope for true health, long life, happiness and true success in its purest form. I believe that this could save humanity from its current decline. A powerful way to stay on an upward spiraling health path is to incorporate powerful stress relief solutions into your life. One such solution (the most powerful in my humble opinion) is a wellness system I practice, called Alphabiotics. Keeping your body and entire being balanced and making sure internal, physical stressors are removed, goes miles toward an increasingly positive outlook, allowing you to make better decisions and choices each day. If you haven’t already, I urge you to make the decision today to begin walking the upward spiraling path, and you’ll never regret you did. When you leave my office, you will be be balanced, strong and back to living at your full potential.

'Bruce at the Alphabiotic Balance Center has helped me immeasurably! I am a professional trainer as well as soccer player. When I started with Bruce everything hurt! The life of a pro athlete had taken its toll. Chronic neck pain, athritis from injuries, and an acute case of plantar faschiitis all but vanished within a handful of visits. Bruce is professional, responsible, compassionate, and caring.
Conventional medicine can never compare to the miraculous ability the human body has to heal itself. Bruce can help your body heal itself.
Thanks for sharing your gift Bruce!'

Dr. Bruce Fulford D.A, Ph.D is a Board Certified Alphabioticist and owns the Alphabiotic Balance Center, in Venice to Hollywood CA. You can visit his website for more on stress relief at www.alphabioticbalance.com

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