Welcome To Your Part Time Job - Manager Of Your Own Health and Wellbeing

By: Gen Wright

You often hear the old saying 'we are masters of our own destiny' and that is certainly true as far as our health and wellbeing is concerned. So many people fail to take responsibility for their own health self care, and then wonder why they become ill and end up with a devastating diagnosis from their doctor and then say 'Why me?"

If you wait until disease symptoms show you are way too late. Your body has been in trouble for maybe years (maybe even decades). There is no doctor, no surgery and no drugs that will cure a broken down human body. At best modern medicine can manage a disease but the victim is left with half a life, sometimes for 10-20 years. Any wonder aging is so scary when we see evidence of this all around us.

It is a fact that we can prevent 99% of the epidemic of lifestyle diseases in the world today but most of us don't even bother. Heart disease, cancer and diabetes and at least fifty others - all caused by the way we live our lives. By what we do, and don't do, on a daily basis - ticking away like a time bomb.

First, we are exactly what we eat. Your body is like a finely tuned car engine. If you put poor quality fuel into the tank and don't look after your car properly, it will have problems, eventually break down completely and become unusable. The same goes for your body.

If you live on poor quality food with low nutritional value you are not nourishing yourself properly. Ditch the sugar, white flour, unhealthy fats and processed foods and fill up on more raw vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds. Eat small meals 4 - 6 times each day - no matter what.

The most common reasons people are overweight, lack energy, are unhealthy, are depressed, lack motivation to be active and can't stick to their goals is because they skip meals and don't enough quality food. You need to get healthy to get in better physical shape. You cannot lose excess body fat and maintain high energy levels unless you nourish your body. End of story.

Next, you cannot maintain good health without maintaining your strength and muscle tissue. After the mid 20's adults lose one half pound of muscle tissue each year unless they work hard at keeping it with strength training exercise. This is proper exercise that works the muscular system through its full ranges of movement under a load. If muscle strength is lost, it drags overall health and energy levels down with it.

So for good health, energy, disease protection, and longevity the entire body must be kept strong to slow the downward spiral of declining health that can accompany the aging process. A strength training program set up by a fitness professional is perfect for the job and should be done throughout the adult years.

Taking an active and responsible role in your own health care is not about doctors, tests and drugs; it is about YOU doing at least two important things to keep yourself well. A proper muscle strengthening exercise program and small healthy meals throughout the day will go a long way to achieving that. You are the manager of your own destiny. Do a good job and you will reap the benefits with a higher quality of life.

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