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Tired of nagging gym injuries and fitness plateaus? We at Pulse Personal Training endorse dynamic warm-up routines to help make you stronger, healthier, and injury free.
Pulse Personal Training is always trying to find better ways to improve clients' performance in the gym, on the field, or in the rink.
The first step to a higher performance level is to encourage our clients to change from static stretching to dynamic movements during their warm-up routines. Athletes frequently undervalue the importance of an efficient, effective warm-up. A dynamic warm-up will lead to better results, both mentally and physically.
What is a dynamic warm-up? A dynamic warm-up is a mixture of sport specific and smooth functional movements that are performed progressively from low intensity to high intensity to prepare the body for an effective workout. This is radically different from a traditional warm-up, which typically consists of ten minutes on a bike or treadmill followed by static stretching for 30 seconds per muscle group.
Dynamic stretching should not to be confused with ballistic stretching which involves an element of bouncing and is highly dangerous in a warm-up.
Performing dynamic movements allows for seamless transition from warm-up to workout by gradually increasing metabolic rate, heart rate, breathing frequency, and core body temperature. Studies have shown that sit down static stretching can drop your core body temperature by 2-3 degrees after 10 minutes which places you at a higher risk of injury.
Dynamic warm-ups allow you to develop your motor skills and co-ordination while jump starting your neuromuscular system.
Some examples of Dynamic Exercises include:
Forward leg swings Lateral leg swings Walking High knees, Butt Kickers, Cancans Carioca Side step Back pedal Single knee tucks Alternating squat walk Low lunges Reverse lunges Quad stretch walk, etc.
Dynamic warm-ups properly done can raise your body's core temperature to enhance elasticity of muscles, tendons, and ligaments to effectively prepare your body for the workout at hand. Dynamic warm-ups are typically between 5 min and 15 minutes. Stimulate your mind and body by trying new progressive warm-ups on the agility ladder or set up some cones at 10 meter distance and work through a variety of dynamic exercises. This is our fitness challenge to you FarParkers out there to change up your routine and get out of those daydreaming static stretches. Start stimulating your mind and body in preparation for the upcoming game and watch your performance improve.

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