Weigt Loss Products are moslty rubbish - Only Certain Products or Diets Work

By: Peter Goligher

There are a lot individuals who want to lose extra pounds quickly. Trying to find that method on how to reduce their weight quickly. The weight loss industry have spent billions of dollars trying to make us thinking that weight loss is a complex, overwhelming process that only can be achieved using their products. Basically, these “state-of-the-art” diets are not only expensive but many times also unhealthy. But many people who are able to think “out-of-the-box” and those who are open for basic and healthy methods to reduce weight, tend to be the winners. They quickly realize that making systematic and not drastic unsustainable changes of their eating patterns and type food leads to a fast weight loss, much more than any kind of weight loss pill or surgery.

Although both, diet and exercise are important for burning fat and reducing weight, the emphasis of your weight loss plan should be on a proven healthy means to lose weight. Instead of exercising the extra calories away from fatty foods, it is much easier and realistic to apply a diet that is able to speed up your metabolism, thus burning excessive calories. People are succeeding if they have a grasp of how to eat and – even more important – if they are truly determined for a change in their life. Those who are able to make meaningful and sustainable lifestyle changes will achieve a lasting and healthy weight loss. Important to cite in this context is that people always should consult with their physician before making any significant change in their diet or exercise. This is imperative in particular for those with health problems like diabetes or cardiac diseases. In particular risky are some of the low calorie diets or those telling you to stop eating a certain food group like carbohydrates or proteins. These diets might result in stern deficiencies of micronutrients. In fact, eating low calories is one of the worst things that people can do to their body.

A huge problem with diets is that people are expected to make large adjustments to the food that they prefer to eat. And the prescribed foods are often not that pleasant. Because people enjoy their foods they eat, going on a restrictive diet will always be a struggle.

One of the sensible solutions for a healthy method to lose weight and answer to all of the above-mentioned hints and drawbacks is called Calorie Shifting or Calorie Cycling. This dieting technique, published for the first time under the name “Fat Loss 4 Idiots”, has become one of the most popular dieting techniques for quick healthy weight loss. The main reasons for the success of this healthy loss diet: it is very easy to follow. It is affecting negatively your health, it avoids the dieting plateau effect, it is sustainable and the most important: it helps to lose weight rapidly.

This Calorie Cycling diet has never been acknowledged by the weight loss industry, though, because low calorie food accounts for a multi-billion dollar market in revenue and there is not a lot of money they can make with Calorie Cycling as with Calorie Cycling there's no need for people to buy special kinds of foods or restrict themselves in any kind of way.

The aspects of this diet are already practiced for years by bodybuilders and other body-conscious people. This group of people is applying acute calorie cycling, consuming a high-calorie diet for 2 weeks followed by a low-calorie diet for 2 weeks, and then repeating this diet over and over again. This way of applying the diet can offer significant advantages to bodybuilders seeking enhanced muscle growth without the build up in body fat which occur with most long-term nutritional programs.

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