Weight loss pills - Friend or foe

By: Peter Goligher

Weight loss is one of the worlds largest industries with billions of dollars being made by the companies and simultaneously being spent by the customers. Lets face it, everybody wants to be thin and nobody wants to be fat.

There is a problem with weight loss though, and that problem is motivation. People these days simply donít have it. No motivation and the height of laziness is the problem for weight gain. Not only does it stop people exercising, people arenít even cooking anymore; they are buying fast food a couple of times a week. These 2 problems combined is the sole cause for weight gain.

This has brought the perfect opportunity for weight loss, fitness and other companies alike to take advantage and develop products which people would only dream about, and that is weight loss pills. This is self explanatory, some claim that if you take them for a couple of months, you will lose weight. Then when it doesnít happen, they say you have to couple it with exercise, and further on, when that doesnít work, you have to couple it with diet and exercise.

This sounds all good, then you do it, it works and you think they are brilliant. The problem with this is that fact that you have been partially brainwashed without realizing that your diet and exercise regimes are the root cause of the weight loss.

Donít get me wrong, these pills may aid a little and so I guess you can quote that Ďevery little bit helpsí. So if you think they will help, by all mean take them. In fact, taking them may actually increase your motivation for diet and exercise enabling you to be determined to make your goals.

The problem with weight loss pills is that there are so many variations and kinds out there promising you better results than the next. There is probably a new one made every month saying it is more advanced than ever. They put all the science information on the back which in reality you donít understand, again manipulating you into becoming a customer.

So again, the real problem is, which brand to go for? That is a major question and a difficult one to answer. My answer would be that I donít know. How would anyone keep on top of all the new brands evolving and then more products evolving within those brands.

The truth is, your not going to fall for the right weight loss pill, you will fall for a cracking sales pitch. One that really makes you think it will change your life.

I would recommend checking out forums and doing a lot of research on what you purchase, ask people on the Internet. You donít want to waste money on there things as they are expensive. And not only that, you cant buy one bottle and hope for glory, you have to purchase several months worth.

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