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By: Scott Edwards

Both my wife Katie and I were desperate to reduce our weight, so we had a little heart to heart about why we wanted to be thinner, and what that would mean to us. It was amazing, but we really didn't aspire to anything that remarkable. Having more oomph to play with the kids was Katie's number one goal. She wanted to become more self-assured when undressing in our bedroom too.
As for me, I wanted to be able to walk into a High St store and have the choice of all the guy's outfits, not just the few boring ones for fat folks! I also had a strong desire to get to the top of the stairs in our home (three floors) and not be out of breath!
Going through this process revealed that how we perceive ourselves is a key factor in how we actually look. Sadly, as we grow bigger, our self-respect dwindles. Lots of us see a happier life ahead if we can just lose weight. I want you to know how much I understand this thought process. Here are some observations...
Medical research tells us that our sub conscious mind has no scope to differentiate between actual reality, and perceived reality. This means it 'tells' our conscious mind anything that pre-dominates. Repeat a concept often enough and that surfaces as the overriding idea.
Reflect on that for a little while - have you been sabotaging your hopes of a slimmer self by constantly telling yourself that you are fat? Our subconscious needs to be fed a diet of what we actually want to be real.
We should also make the rewards of being a lighter person our focal point - and not the effort it takes to get there. Firstly, we compiled a list of activities and such like that being too heavy made very difficult: They were things such as having fun, dancing, walks on the beach, more confidence, better sex, sports activities etc.
We imagined going on vacation, wearing shorts and tee-shirts and looking great. We got the respect and esteem of people as we confidently mingled with others. We brought the dream to life.
Subsequently we're both well on our way to our target weights - not stick thin, but happy! We look at each other every day now and smile - you will too when you see how far you've come.

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