Weight Loss through using a Detox Diet

By: Joshua Seth

I am intensely hyped up on energy. Why? Because I'm in my second week of an all natural detox. I'd like to talk a little bit about detoxing today because in my book The Weight Loss Hypnosis Solution I suggest doing exactly that once a year. Typically at the beginning of the year is when most people are interested in improving their health like this. In my book I suggest that you do a one day water detox for this purpose (unless you are diabetic or have a medical condition that would prevent you).
This year I've gone a little bit further and for past last two weeks I've only been eating fruits and vegetables. First of all I'm very surprised, I've never done this before but I'm very surprised that I'm not even hungry, not at all, and I have a ton of energy. I'm just buzzing inside. I feel like Mohinder in Heroes when he got his powers and he threw the table against the wall (if you havent seen that show, then you dont know what I'm talking about, but just know that I feel like the Hulk or something). I just feel very, very powerful. it's amazing and really all I've been eating are fruits and vegetables, protein shakes, and herbal supplements.
Here's the key, these herbal supplements were prescribed for me by my nutritionist. See two things happen in terms of detox that I want to warn you about. One is that people use this nebulous term detox without really understanding what it is theyre detoxing or why.
What are toxins in your body after all? What are they really is the compounding effect of a poor diet and environmental factors on your body that reduce your energy and vitality over time. So if you've had a lot of red meat or a lot of candy and sugar and carbs and processed foods, over time this impacts your liver and your body to the point where you can have skin issues, energy issues, sleep issues, these sorts of things. Most people don't realize what it's coming from but a lot of it can come from your diet. The principal cause is always your thinking but the behavioral results manifest in terms of your diet.
I'm not going to just eat fruits and vegetables forever but this is a three week detox process that I'm in the middle of and thats entirely doable. I just wanted to share with you how wonderfull I feel, how easy it is for you to do too and to warn you that if youre interested in doing something like this, dont do what most people do and try to do it all at once with colonic or one of those kind of cleanses where you're in the bathroom for 24 hours straight. Thats not deep-tissue healthy natural detoxing, that's violence. I dont suggest it.
And please don't just go to a vitamin store in the mall and get some vitamins over the counter and ask some untrained guy at the counter to recommend a bunch of over the counter vitamins for you. Take the time that's necessary and do your due diligence. Do what I did and what I suggest which is go to a nutritionist and have them prescribe the process for you, because otherwise if youre not having the protein shakes for instance you get fatigued or if youre not having the supplements that support your liver and kidney functions you could get sick. So it's necessary to do all of this together. Dot your is, cross your ts, and make sure that youre doing it correctly so that it's beneficial for your health and doesn't wear you out in the process.
I tell you, this is the best thing I've done for my health in a long time. And it meshes very well with what I recommend in my weight loss book and in my hypnosis CDs. I recommend it for you too.

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