Weight Loss Will Be Yours With Strength Training Exercise

By: Gen Wright

We know now that dieting doesn't work. It has never worked and never will. It is simply not effective in controlling body fat and as the statistics show 95% of all diets fail. Yet thousands of diet books continue to hit the book store shelves and all over the internet diet programs, diet supplements and diet pills continue to be promoted.

Dieting does the opposite of what is required; it makes you fatter as it is based on the wrong concept. The so called experts have always blamed overeating for all fatness and have suggested dieting as a cure. The idea is that all you have to do is eat less food than your body needs and your body will automatically use the excess fat and weight loss will follow.

This is not so, as soon as the calorie level is dropped even just a wee bit too low it triggers the survival mode and the body starts conservation measures and starts holding onto its fat stores. It does this by dropping the metabolic rate (the rate the body burns fuel) as part of these measures.

We each require between 1500 - 2500 calories per day just to keep the body functioning. For a start how do you even know your level? How do you know at which point will tip the balance forcing your body into fat storing mode instead of fat burning mode? The answer is you don't and what's more you don't even need to worry about it.

If you need to lose excess body fat, take a far better approach to losing it than simply restricting your food intake which will only serve to do your head in. Try and think more, more exercise, more strength, more food, more energy, and more feeling good, more everything including more you.

This new concept is about increasing your metabolic rate through exercise so that you will burn off that stored body fat. It is such a simple thing to do, but it is not promoted much as how would the people selling diet stuff make any money from it?

To increase your metabolism, a proper exercise program needs to be undertaken. Proper exercise is not walking, jogging, swimming or any other recreational activity that is commonly used for calorie burning. A proper exercise program includes at least 60% strength training exercise which is the only type of exercise that will raise the metabolism to the degree needed to burn of body fat.

The idea is to build your body into a lean, strong, healthy one with an engine that burns heaps of fuel. The dieting approach will give you the engine size of a motor scooter, smaller, weaker and less efficient.

You need to get your head around the fact that you will need to increase your activity level permanently, like for life. As you get older your metabolism will start to slow a little and more and more body fat is likely to be stored. Apart from looking unsightly and making one look far older than their years it brings with it hugely increased health risks.

You will need to learn new skills to manage this problem. To do this you need to seek the help of a fitness professional at your local gym or fitness center who will set up your exercise program. It's a bit liking taking your car to a mechanic if it isn't running right, you need to see people experienced and knowledgeable in prescribing exercise.

Trying to do it yourself will not bring you the results you need. Your exercise program needs to be changing and varied, needs the right exercises that work multiple muscle groups, and needs to be performed at the correct level of intensity to get real meaningful results.

You will be pleasantly surprised at how quickly your body will change becoming firmer, smaller and leaner. You will have more energy which can be put into your exercise program accelerating results even further. Eat quality unprocessed food little and often throughout the day to support the exercise program and weight loss will be yours.

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