Weight Loss Through Walking

By: Scott Gillespie

No one really likes the thought of exercising to lose weight. Just the thought of seeing someone pumping iron, doing aerobics, while sweating profusely is enough to make anyone turn away. It doesn't have to be that way though. One of the greatest and simplest forms of weight loss is walking. Think about this for a minute.

The big mistake - walking on a flat surface and not an incline

Walking on a flat surface is nice and relaxing, but it's not much good for losing weight fast. If you want to lose weight fast, then you need to walk up a hill or on an inclined treadmill.

This is easy to fix if you have a treadmill that inclines. Just incline it... to 10 or maybe 15 degrees. Get walking... 15-20 minutes will do.

Walk up some stairs

This is similar to the above, but better. Use the stairs in your house if you have some. Just walk up and down them for 15 minutes non-stop. Do this everyday. Don't make the mistake of thinking that you walk up and down the stairs enough throughout the day. The power is doing it non-stop.

An average person walking at just 3 miles per hour for 30 minutes burns over 120 calories in doing so. Increase that speed to 4 miles per hour and the calories burnt shoots up to over 180. So if you walk for just 30 minutes a day you'll pretty soon notice the difference.

Walking also saves you money on gas and other expenses associated with your vehicle. Every time you start your car it costs you about five cents considering current gas prices. Needless to say driving anywhere adds to this enormously. Yet, most people still use their vehicles to make short trips, which could easily be made by walking. If you can even make the simple choice to walk once a week when you would normally drive you will go a long way toward making a difference both in your pocket book as well as in your life.

Walking helps to solve that problem. Walking lowers your set point. Research really can't pinpoint why walking is so effective at lowering your body's set point, but it does.

So if you're starting to lose weight, you should add walking so that your set point also goes down with your weight. When they are both going down at the same time, weight loss is sustained and you keep the weight off for good.

Running tips

Running on an incline is also good. I won't get into that. You already got the gist of it for the walking above, just make sure you shorten the running on an incline to about 15 minutes... instead of the 25 minutes for walking on an incline.

The big tip for running is to use high intensity intervals... short bursts of all out 90% or higher capacity running for 10 seconds at a time. After each one of those sprints, then you can either walk or jog slowly for the next 50 seconds until you repeat the sprint again. Do 10-20 of these 2-3 times a week... depending on how your body is handling it.

Once you've started your walking program it's important that you keep going. After the first week, you're bound to see a remarkable difference in your energy level, which will help you to keep going.

To stay motivated, mark a date on your calendar three weeks from when you begin and make a deal with yourself. If you keep walking each day until that date, reward yourself with something special. To stick to your weight loss goals, make sure to reward yourself with a non-food item, such as a shopping trip or some new music to work out to.

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