Weight Loss Success Takes More Than Motivation

By: Huntrixe Salvadore

Everyone goes into the weight loss process wondering how to keep up their motivation so they reach their end goal successfully. The problem with this is that it isn't motivation that you need to get there! There is another secret to permanently taking off the weight.
Motivation actually plays a very small part in the overall process of taking off excess weight. It is very common to feel pepped up and ready to tackle the problem at first, but in the long run that is going to fade. There are going to be hard times when you just do not feel on top of the world. That is when you need much more than motivation in order to continue making progress.
There will be days that you would rather have a dozen donuts than a salad. You won't want to hit the gym or pop in that exercise DVD sometimes. Motivation is fleeting and will not always stick by your side, so you better have something else up your sleeve.
So, what is it that you need? You need commitment and determination! Motivation is great, but there will be times when nothing but your honest commitment to yourself is going to keep just one foot on the right path. If you want to actually meet your goals and keep the weight off long term you will have to make that commitment right now and hold it in your head when those rough moments hit. This is you back up for when motivation escapes you.
If you want to succeed at your weight goals and keep that healthy body for the rest of your life, a total commitment to real lifestyle change is necessary. You have to come up with a plan that you can really live with and allow specific actions to become daily habits.
When you feel distracted or things get stressful, the only way to really stay on track is to have established habits that just feel natural. It is difficult at first, but you can set up your life so you stay healthy forever.
The way to do all this is to just go one step at a time. Make one small change and work on it daily until it becomes a habit. Then you can add in something else until it all starts to flow naturally together.
Maybe you will start by getting up a little earlier and working out before you start your day. This may be very hard at first, but you will adjust quickly until it is something you enjoy and do automatically. Then, you can add in something else until your entire life becomes healthier.
Real weight loss happens over time. It isn't a matter of being perfect every day, but of being committed and consistent over time. It is the cumulative effect of time adding up that really brings about the healthy body you crave.

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