Weight Loss Secret: Green Tea

By: Walter Brown

The already overwhelming number of health benefits associated with green tea continue to grow, from weight loss to hair loss, from acne skin care to anti aging treatments. Each of these 'niche' markets all claims that green tea works: period. And there are many online customer reviews that support these claims.
My own research into the use and effectiveness of green tea has led me to try it myself as a weight loss supplement. I became convinced that there was something to it after reading over a hundred online customer reviews, which were almost all very positive.
What properties does green tea have that will cause you to lose weight? First and for most it has the ability to increase your rate of metabolism, which will help you to burn excess fat reserves. This will make your life a lot easier while dieting because you can eat more and still lose weight.
Something that I have learned about this is that you should drink it warm rather than cold, and here is the reason. The heat will cause the active ingredients within the tea to release and absorb into your body, whereas cold tea will not have this effect.
Another suggestion that I have concerning green tea is to not rush into it. I would suggest that you do not begin drinking a large amount of green tea all at once if you have never had it. Here is why; your body will not be used to it, so it will cause irritation in your bowls, and this can cause you to have diarrhea.
If you buy your green tea pre-mixed there are a few products you may want to look for as 'helper' ingredients because they can increase the effectiveness of green tea. The most common ingredient that you will find mixed with the tea is ginseng; this will help to strengthen your immune system when combined with green tea.
Last, you may want to skip the tea experience altogether and go for green tea pills, which have become very popular in recent years. I personally have switched from drinking the tea to taking pills because it is so convenient, but since I like the taste of green tea I still enjoy a cup from time to time.
In conclusion, green tea is a great herbal supplement to help you lose weight, increase metabolism, and strengthen your immune system. If you would prefer a pill to the tea this is also an option.

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Walter likes to research and write about weight loss, his favorite weight loss supplement is green tea pills.

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