Weight Loss Problem For Teenagers

By: Wan Mohd Hirwani Wan Hussain

It's an unfortunate fact that overweight teenagers normally grow into fat adults. Unless something is done to stop this weight gain it will have severe consequences on their health, emotionally and physically. Never has there been been a time when young people were more self conscious and preoccupied with their own self image - a true recipe for future problems when weight is an issue. Being overweight is not only about how a person looks, but how it will affect their health as well, so teaching is the key to winning this obesity war that is why so many teen weight loss plans have been started recently.
These weight issues can accompany them throughout their entire lives and range from serious mental to physical health problems, often both. An overweight teen can almost be guaranteed of future health problems including:
Heart disease
Circulatory complaints
Late onset diabetes
Back pain
Nearly any teen weight loss regime can help lower the chances of these problems in the future. There are also emotional issues to take into consideration as many overweight teens suffer at school from name calling which does not help them the least bit.
The problem is no matter how much weight they lose, the names follow them around into adulthood which is particularly humiliating when they meet individuals they went to school with at reunions for example. Some people merely blame the large number of overweight teenagers as an indication of the times and even though this is now a big issue, a number of parents do not know how to approach this subject and do not feel that there is much support. Heavy children and teens are now a global problem even in the developing world, and a whole global industry has developed around this with diet programs that are often not worth the paper they are printed on, but, that isn't to say that all diets are ineffective.
It must be ingrained early on that teen weight loss plans are not only about shedding unwanted pounds, but about the decrease of body fat which is the main problem to master. A parent should not scare their youngster into losing weight as this can have an unfavorable reaction, after all, weight takes time to put on and will also take time to drop off, if done safely. If you are worried about your child then learn about the subject of teen weight loss. Programs ought to be selected carefully for their effectiveness otherwise money can be lost and children can lose faith.
Nevertheless, it is important to bear in mind that there is some danger with teen weight loss plans that rely on a strict adherence to rapid fat loss. Some of these require starvation techniques which can reduce body fat, but are not healthy for the person involved and in some cases, very dangerous. Take a peek, especially at reference material on 'fat loss' because if your teen can lose the fat, weight loss is likely to be a much safer automatic sequence.

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