Weight Loss Miracle Diet for Women

By: Leslie Patton

I recently came across the weight loss miracle diet and instantly liked several things about it. The first thing is that it has been tested successfully by 30,000 people. I also like that the idea that to lose weight you need to eat more and exercise less. Now who wouldn't be intrigued by an idea like this.
A hormone called leptin is crucial in your weight loss. Leptin is what tells the brain when you are hungry and when you are full. If you can learn how to control this hormone it has a huge affect on your weight loss. I think it's great that someone is finally addressing hormones. It is so important for women to be informed about this in order to lose weight.
One thing they talk about is why people can't lose weight. Here is some of the reasons they list, too much dieting, too much exercise, don't eat enough fat, too little sleep. Does any of this sound familier to you?
Low carbohydrate diets make you feel terrible because your body has to have sugar in order to function properly. When you restrict carbohydrates from your diet it actually makes you crave carbohydrates and sugar that much more.
Another interesting thing is a hormone called leptin. This hormone regulates your appetite. If you can find a way to control this hormone it can help you burn more fat.
Another reason you can't lose weight is that your diet is restricted too much and you don't get the proper foods you need to function.
If you exercise too much your body won't have the ability to recover and maintain your weight loss. If you don't eat enough fat, it compromises how your body uses fat for energy. This is also critical for hormone balance.
Low calorie diets cause you to lose muscle, so your actually burning less fat. Then when you eat a normal meal your body thinks it has to store the fat. Any of these things sound familier to you?

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