Weight Loss-How To Achieve It Easily

By: Wan Mohd Hirwani Wan Hussain

If you have been considering giving up meat, you may well be asking yourself if it is worth becoming a vegetarian. The biggest question is one of ethics and whether or not this action will change anything that happens on the planet. While it might be true that one extra person won't make a huge statistical difference in a world of meat-eaters, you can do a lot as an individual that will be good for you and good for hundreds of animals. The primary reason for the change is the reduction of deaths caused by heart disease that is brought about by the huge consumption of meat.
It is the cholesterol in meat, eggs, milk, cheese and other dairy items that contribute to the problem of heart and circulatory conditions. According to Earth Save, the average vegetarian has about a quarter of a chance of having a heart attack as the average person. As for people who are pure vegans, it gets even lower: they have less than 1/10 the chance of having a heart. The improvements in health do not end there if you are a vegetarian.
Meat contains a number of preservatives which have links with cancer, something which is dramatically reduced when you do not eat meat. Of course vegetarians will not be exposed to the number of additional hormones that are fed to cattle as part of their feed and will not experience some of the hormone problems people have because of this. And you won't consume as much lactose, which most people cannot digest properly and which some dietitians have suggested is a cause of digestive problems. n addition to health benefits you will receive as an individual by becoming a vegetarian, you will also reduce your share of the suffering human beings inflict on animals.
One particular study illustrates this point by claiming that the average American is responsible for the death (for food) of over two thousand seven hundred animals during their life. Just in a couple of decades, many hundreds of animals would not need to loose their lives if you were to make this commitment. To help even further and stop the number of battery hens and dairy cows from having to suffer degrading conditions you could stop drinking milk and eating eggs. So the answer is yes, it does matter whether or not you become a vegetarian. This commitment matters to each individual for their health, the health of the planet and those of the animals which will not need to be slaughtered to provide food.

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