Weight Loss-How Can You Handle It

By: Wan Mohd Hirwani Wan Hussain

When such a high percentage of the people are overweight it seems fitting that there is significant number of the population who are extremely image conscious. Perhaps this is in part to those health magazine covers with men and women who have desirable, health and fit looking bodies. Health clubs, gyms and many others have as a consequence become much busier and the trend looks to continue.
We are all be urged to become more responsible about our fitness generally so it is no surprise that there has been an increase in the amount of interest shown. What isn't given enough emphasis though is the responsibility we all have to eat healthy as part of this regime and not just to expect exercise and fitness to be a cure-all. Our diet and our fitness are two halves of the same coin and need to be worked together as it is the food we consume that will determine how quickly we can repair cells and tired parts of our body. The two opposing views on this subject just confuse the issue with the high-carb and high-fat groups both saying their method is best.
To understand this better you need to know that the high-carbohydrate followers believe that you need to eat foods rich in carbohydrates to exercise well and the opposition believe you need to consume foods high in fat. High-carb diets are utilized with glycogen stored in the liver and muscles as glycogen is a glucose complex that provides large amounts of energy ready for use in anaerobic exercises.
Whereas, fat is a rich source of calories with two and a half times more than proteins and carbohydrates while fat metabolizes in an eighth of the time it does for carbohydrates. The problem is deciding on which diet to follow but there is at least one thing experts agree on and that is you cannot follow both at the same time without gaining weight.
But then diet fitness is not all about losing fat and you must also consider your diet in order to keep fat away. What many studies have shown is that to achieve this goal you need to have a number of factors considered like you're your previous medical history, the way you live your live from day to day and a consideration of the foods you like to consume.
Diet programs all over can help you shed off excess pounds, but only one diet can help you stay sexy, and it is the one that satisfies you most but other important aspects of having a fit diet are moderation, balance and variation. Finding the right diet fitness program that matches your needs and ensures you stay on it are the hardest part of this but if you can manage it, you will have found a way to stay fit and healthy for a very long time.

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