Weight Loss Atlanta Doctors Help Eliminate Cellulite

By: Mark Mckenna

Cellulite is a nightmare to most women. Although it may manifests in some men, it is the female gender that usually sports this unsightly phenomenon. The presence of Cellulite Atlanta doctors said is normally associated with weight gain.

Cellulite 101

Cellulite is found on the buttocks, hips and thighs. When fat has accumulated beneath the skin, they push the skin upwards that causes the outer skin to appear like an orange peel. Sections of fats are created by the collagen tissue that links the skin with the primary tissues. These sections swell as the fat cells enlarge causing the “dimples” to come out. The swelling is greater if there are more fats in the fat cells.

Genes play a vital role on the emergence of cellulite. Although cellulite is more apparent in obese women, slim women also experience its occurrence. Those whose skins are somewhat thicker are not prone to having cellulite or if they do have it, do not exhibit a big amount of this problem. Cellulite is also attributed to the hormonal changes in pregnant women. Aging is another big factor for its occurrence, where the collagen fibers weaken and the skin thickens.

Does Cellulite have Adverse Effects?

This is a big question that bothers most women. A report from the Journal of American Medical Association affirmed that cellulite is an unknown medical condition for the past 20 years. Therefore, no cure has been prescribed for this unpleasant occurrence. Nevertheless, the health market offers various products and procedures to eliminate it. Cosmetic surgery and Weight Loss Atlanta program are some of these.

Dr. Sam Speron from Chicago conducted a study on 29 women who were signed up on a Medical Weight Loss Atlanta program. These women were given a diet that ranges from low fat to liquid diets to prescribed medications to surgery. The results of the study revealed that the mean average weight loss was 30.5 pounds. These results got published on the Journal of the American Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons on its August 2006 issue.

Other revelations from the study

Affected areas by cellulite improved in 17 of the women as the dimpled area got thinner
Nine women manifested worst appearance of cellulite
Cellulite remained in a few women


Women with the highest BMI showed much cellulite improvement particularly in their thighs and also lost much weight.
Women with lower BMI showed less improvement on losing their fat and weight.

Skin flexibility is an essential element on eliminating cellulite. The skin must be able to tighten after losing weight so cellulite will not worsen.

To totally get rid of cellulite Atlanta doctors at Shape Wellness Center submits their patients not only on a Diet Atlanta program but also recommends them to do exercises. These exercises are geared to keeping the tissues and muscles firmer. Keeping healthy through proper nutrition and exercise will drive away cellulite.

Being beautiful is a big concern of everyone these days; however, it must not be forgotten that health and wellness is more important than just being beautiful!

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Shape Wellness Center submits their patients have perfect Diet Atlanta program but also recommends them to do exercises. Weight Loss Atlanta program are some of results study revealed that the mean average weight loss was 30.5 pounds.

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