Weight Loss Affirmations And Their Potency

By: Gregory Frost

One thing this article would want to explain on the onset is how the problem of weight loss comes about and where it stays in the body - and you would actually be more than a little surprise at how weight gain comes about. One thing you need to know is that the problem of weight gain is actually in the mind, and not in the body. That is the biggest surprise that has taken on the weight losing world by storm. First of all, we should look at the reasons why we eat at all, and it comes from a biological function to actually maintain sustenance and keep the normal functions of the body at optimum levels.

The way the body does is that they use functions like hunger and appetite to tell you that your body needs the elements and calories needed to continue on with the functions of the body. Last but not least, the body will then tell you when its full, meaning that it will tell you that you need to stop eating and that your body has had enough.

This would then be the normal chain of events that happen on a daily basis and this gets out of whack because the mind gets involved in some of these functions. What happens is that within the mind, there are many things going on, and when we introduce emotional traumas or stress (just two main examples, you must realise that there are many more), then the whole equation goes out of whack. Now, when there is an emotional trauma, many people actually deal with it in many ways. When some of us decided to lose weight, we would then stop eating and thus lose weight.  This is because the power of emotion to overcome the need to eat is something very real and very palpable. This in fact shows that our mind is a very powerful tool.

One other way is that we over eat, and it seems that we eat without feeling. Depression and sadness is one of the ways that makes us eat and eat without stopping. It could also be experiential, in the sense that during our developmental years, we are exposed to elements and experiences that get embedded in our mind and make us eat all the time. So, as you can see, the subconscious plays a major part when considering about the root of addiction, and you cannot avoid the fact that over eating is one of the worse addictions in the world that can lead to a whole list of diseases and ailment, and in the worse of circumstances, death.

What we need to do to fight this is not only to adopt a lifestyle to lose weight, but adopt a mindset that we want to lose weight. Weight loss affirmation is determinately one of the best ways you can make your mind want to lose weight. Bombarding your mind with positive messages is one of the best ways to start the weight loss process and bring out the thinner, healthier you.


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