Wedding Moments and Portraits; The Difference

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With all the glamour, elegance and sophistication, how does a photographer in Sydney document a wedding? By capturing portraits, by freezing moments on film or a mix of both? How does first differ from the later?

True, weddings are always filled with real emotions from people who witnessed a momentous, romantic and joyous event a person can ever had. That is why wedding couples always hire the best wedding photographer in Sydney to capture those moments that will forever remind them on the beginning of their journey to life as one.

But what really makes a moment? Is it a picture of the bouquet, the wedding rings or the wedding dress, perhaps a picture of the bride and groom holding hands while flashing a very sweet smile for the camera?

Surprisingly, Sydney Wedding Photography – one of the most renowned wedding photography service providers in Australia pointed out that those images are not “moments” but clichés that have been traditionally taken by wedding photographers in Sydney.

Sydney Wedding Photography also added that, anything that is staged - whenever a photographer asked the groom, the bride or the guest to do anything, even removing a can of coke from the scene and when the presence of a photographer in Sydney is known, then the images are not “moments” but are mere portraits.

Wedding Photographers in Sydney from Sydney Wedding Photography said that by their definition, a moment is a time when the subjects are so involved in what they are doing that they are totally unaware of the photographer in Sydney is recording that particular outburst of real emotions.

Moments can only last for a minute or seconds. They are one of a kind and once they are gone, they are really gone. That is why wedding photographers in Sydney know how to anticipate when a moment is going to happen and be at the right spot when that moment happens to get the best shot.

Sydney Wedding Photography said that diligence and patience are two of the most important hallmarks of capturing fleeting moments but paramount to everything, is the photographer in Sydney’s ability to think clearly and quickly.

Capturing the details of the wedding i.e. wedding dress, the ring and flowers as well as staged performance or poses are not good enough for a wedding keepsake. Shooting those within the setting of real moments yields wedding photographs that will linked back to the real memories and what makes the images a timeless treasure for the couple.

Sydney Wedding Photography’s goal is to make the couple remember their day in a way where art, fantasy and reality coincide.

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