Wedding Cake Perfection

By: Cate Gniewi

Almost every wedding features an attractive and impressive cake, no matter what the theme is, who's attending, or whether it's a casual or traditional affair. There's just something about the wedding cake that endures. That means that you'll probably need to pick out the perfect cake for your special day.
Wedding cakes are a symbol that's important to a lot of people, and depending on which one you choose, you'll be saying a number of different things about your wedding. While this won't be the hardest wedding decision you need to make before you get married, the wide variety of cakes out there can make finding the right one a little tricky.
There's the traditional white wedding cake with it's floral decorations and bride and groom, but there are also many other colors, flavors and shapes. One very popular choice for a lot of couples is the Tiffany style cake, shapped like a stack of neatly wrapped gifts. Theme cakes and cakes made of a number of smaller cakes that are easier to serve are also becoming popular.
The flavor of a wedding cake is pretty important, too. If you've ever been to a wedding where the cake was a beautiful work of art, but was dry, old, or bland when it came to taste, you probably know why it's important to get a delicious, high quality cake as well as one with beautiful decorations and coloring. Your cake shouldn't seem like it's made from cardboard!
You'll also want to be sure that you pick a cake that'll be made out of high quality ingredients and will be delivered fresh instead of sitting around after decorating to grow stale. The traditional white cake is a big culprit when it comes to stale wedding cakes, causing many couples to pick something a little less usual, from fruit cakes to exotics like hazelnut, green tea, and more. There are even a number of wedding cheesecakes appearing at ceremonies all over the world.
Think about what you prefer, as well as what your guests will like, and take any known allergies into account. While it's impossible to suit any guest, it's always a nice thought to avoid cakes you know won't go over well. In the end, the decision is yours, however- it's your big day.
When using a topper, think about your options - there's more out there than just a bride and groom, though many variations on this classic topper are also available. Think about flowers, both real and fake, shells, ribbons and many other topper types when you pick out your cake.
While your wedding cake won't make or break your wedding, it is traditional and an important part of most weddings. It's worth it to take some time to consider what you want from a cake and talk to your partner about it. Choose one of the old standards, or look for an unusual and delicious cake that everyone will talk about long after the wedding is over.

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