Websites to Download Full Movies – To Pay or Not to Pay?

By: Davion W

Type “download full movies” in any search engine and watch the smashing number of pages they return. A broad selection is a good thing, but sometimes it can really be overwhelming. So, what are the criteria of choosing a website to download full movies? There can be plenty of factors to consider, but for most people money is the No.1 concern.

There are quite a lot of websites advertising themselves as completely free. Just think – download full movies without paying a penny! Sure, it sounds like a fairly tale. Then, there are sites allowing one to download them at a certain fee. The fee is normally quite low and can be based either on a one-time payment for a life-long membership, or on a monthly basis just as any regular subscription. Another option is paying per download, but quite understandably, it is not the most popular one.

So, why paying any fee whatsoever if you can download full movies entirely free of cost? What makes people go for paid movie websites if there is such a huge line of free movie providers? The truth is – websites that offer their users to download all shows for free, may not be as good in reality as they are trying to make you believe. There are quite a few concerns about downloading free:

1. Chances are these sites are illegal.

Though many of them claim to be 100% legal and legitimate, unfortunately, it is not always so, and by using them to download full movies you are actually violating the law.

2. Legal yet free sites are less advantageous in terms of selection.

As a rule, if a free movie download site is legal, the selection of movies is quite limited. Though it can be counted in thousands and even millions, you will not find any recent blockbusters in their listings. Such websites are good to download full movies if you are after classics and want to create your own “old is gold” collection.

3. Movies available for free lack quality and take a lot of time to download.

Will you be able to enjoy a snowy picture? Unfortunately, that’s often what you get when you download full movies for free. To make things worse, the downloading process takes ages and may get interrupted in-between even if your Internet connection is good.

4. Free sites can be dangerous for your computer.

Just think – why would anybody give away full movie downloads for free? What do these websites get in return? Scary enough, the free stuff you get may seriously damage your computer with spyware and viruses you get during the downloading process. If nothing sounds really convincing, this fact should.

5. You get movies in a format you can’t use.

Some sites prove to be nothing but waste of time. You download a full movie, but can’t view it simply because the format is not supported by your computer media player or DVD player. You could try to search and download format converting software, but again, the process needs time and the results are simply not guaranteed.

In contrast with all the above-mentioned facts, membership or subscription websites allowing people to download full movies are completely safe and secure; they offer all the latest flicks and guarantee the quality. The downloading process takes a few minutes and the most popular formats are supported. In fact, you can download complete movies and watch them on your PC or burn a CD or DVD and view it on your regular DVD player.

So, it becomes obvious that the price (which is, by the way, very affordable) should not be the primary consideration, when you choose quality, convenience and 24/7 customer support. You can still try and download full movies from free sites at your own risk, but most likely, you will get disappointed and turn to greener pastures available at a few bucks.

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