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By: kanika

The word 'website' is the first one that comes to mind when you hear anything related to internet. The websites of today are nothing short of breathtaking in visuals and easy to use in functionality. The World Wide Web is full of websites with innovative, out of the box and awe-inspiring web designs. But it was not always this grand and majestic in the unassuming realm of the web. Let's take a look at some milestones in this journey.
The World Wide Web had its humble beginnings in 1990 at CERN and the first website was put online on 6th August 1991. It had text only pages that could be viewed using a simple line mode browser.
The first web browser with an integrated approach to graphic design elements 'Mosaic; was released in 1993 and it introduced the world wide web to common people with a dial-up internet connection.
During the 90's, the internet connections were slow due to which it was impractical to provide users with too many graphics. The first generation websites presented just basic information through simple hypertext pages.HTML was the only language for coding pages back then and there wasn't much freedom when it came to web design.
Netscape was released in 1994 and became the leading browser on the web pretty soon. Netscape created its own HTML tags with disregard to traditional practices and gave the users more options.
The year 1996 saw the beginning of a new era. Designers started using background colors, newer fonts and animated GIF'S, but the result of these innovations was not always pleasing to the eye and looking at one these websites for more than 5 minutes could cause a headache. CSS and flash were introduced during this period and added more structure and improved presentation to the websites.
The present era creative web designers have a plethora of options in terms of coding tools to play with. Javascript, Php, Flash, XML, CSS, Jquery, ASP.NET and HTML 5 are a few names that are in web designer's arsenal that enable them to create the magic. The websites are becoming more and more user friendly and colors are being used to make the websites aesthetically appealing rather than flashy. Cluttered look has given way to simplistic designs which are more functional and buttons and icons are adding to the designing efficacy of these web artists.
The amalgamation of multimedia content with unprecedented ease had added to the experience of visiting a website and to its recollection as well. The fields associated with creative website design like typography, page layout, quality of coding, visual design and user experience design are undergoing advancement at such a fast pace that most advanced and sophisticated website might not feel too high on aesthetics tomorrow. So you better latch on to your mouses and ride the on!!
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