Web-based Catering Software Is Great For Caterers and Clients Alike

By: Gen Wright

Virtually all successful caterers nowadays owe a good portion of their success to the websites they've built in order to attract new clients and retain their most loyal customers. The internet is undoubtedly a great way to gain new business, but is it possible to make your blossoming business even more efficient than it already is? Of course it is, so long as you get web-based catering software. Catering software is designed with programs to make a caterer's multitude of jobs easier to accomplish. Programs that are included in catering software will often include menu creation, sales management, inventory control, employee staffing, event planning, room design, and even automated shopping lists. With these programs and more, your customer satisfaction ratings could rise higher than ever before, especially if you get web-based catering software.

Web-based software is great for your customers because it allows them to be both interactive and proactive with your business and their upcoming events. First of all, web-based catering software can give your potential clients something more to look at than pretty pictures of food and your past events. They can search event themes using web-based catering software through your website. They can explore the variety of dishes you could prepare and how they will relate to the event they are envisioning. Let's say, for instance, that a potential client is a young bride-to-be who imagines a reception theme relating to the beaches of Rio de Janeiro and the famous Copacabana Palace Hotel. With catering software, she can easily view all of your best Brazilian dishes, as well as the design elements you would use to decorate the reception hall. And this would all be available for her to view from the comfort of her home.

The master menu proposal is perhaps the most important aspect of any catered event. Although the theme of the event, the design of the room, and the overall organization of the event are critical considerations, nothing is more responsible for the success of the evening than the food. Preparing a master menu proposal for your client can be a long and tricky process. Many details go into the plans for the food, including the event theme, the area in which you live, the preferences of the client, and any potential food allergies your customer may possess. All of these factors can make planning the master menu proposal a difficult and time-consuming process. But that time can be substantially shortened using catering software. Your client can view the master menu you've created in a short amount of time, and once they have accepted or rejected certain aspects of the proposal, you can quickly adjust the proposal accordingly.

If you don't have a website up-and-running for your catering company, you still have options for catering software. There are non-web-based programs that you can use to maximize your company from your business location, so the computers there will be enabled with catering software; it simply won't be available online for your clients. Some caterers prefer this type of software because it can potentially draw curious prospects into your place of business so you can have a chance to create a personal sales relationship. Either way you go, catering software can provide major advantages to any determined catering company.

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