Weaving Together the Components of Affirmations + Repetition + Visualization for Success

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This shows that, whether wittingly or unwittingly, we each affirm to ourselves what and who we are, and what and whom we will attract into our lives. And it highlights the need for conscious affirmations. Through being deliberate in what we tell ourselves, we can eventually, through the law of attraction, bring into our life what we want to have in our lives.
For those who suffer from stress disorders, the law of attraction can seem like a stressful sentence. A sufferer might be left thinking “with this stress disorder I am doomed to attract stress into my life!” No, you’re not, take heart! With the right affirmations, you can override that stress and begin to magnet peace and happiness. It can be a deliberate choice.
Understanding the power you have over your life through the law of attraction should change you from a product of happenstance to a circumstance creator. Spend some time asking yourself what affirmations you are already sending to yourself. Do you consistently tell yourself how overwhelming everything seems, do you regularly acknowledge and give into anxiety? If your answer is “yes” then you can see how changing the messages you are sending yourself could change the circumstances, can’t you? This is not meant to belittle stress disorders, but to empower you to free yourself from it.
Now, spend some time visualizing what you want in your life. Get detailed with yourself as you picture yourself in your ideal state of life. Describe it to yourself. It could be something like “I am in a peaceful place. Joy and success are mine,” along with a mental picture of yourself in that desired state. Let that description become one of your go to affirmations.
Dedicate time each day to your affirmations, allowing the law of attraction to take effect by changing what you are focusing on, both consciously and subconsciously. It does take time to change the natural thoughts of the mind, let alone the subconscious thoughts. But, it has taken years to develop the mindsets we have, and the stress disorders that are borne out of them. Initially the thought patterns we have already developed will seem very persistent, but do not allow yourself to become discouraged.
You have great power to transform your life through your affirmations to yourself. King Solomon spelled it out thousands of years ago in his law of attraction, and the principles are sound. Get active visualizing and affirming to yourself what you want to bring into your life, and experience transformation.

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